IMPORTANT!  PLEASE NOTE:  The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock.  To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.

MATILDA costume plot


Simple white dress

School uniform


Brown dress/padding/weightlifter belt

Gym outfit 

Miss Honey:

Dress and cardigan

Mr. Wormwood:

Plaid suit and fedora

Mrs. Wormwood:

Hospital gown with pregnancy pad

Purple outfit with ruffled trim and wrap skirt

Michael –

Tshirt, jeans, ballcap. Jacket


Rhinestone trim shirt and tight pants

Mrs. Phelps:

Skirt and blouse


Top hat, red tail coat, vest, bowtie, striped pants, shirt

Tan trenchcoat, white scarf


Zoot suit

School uniforms- include blazer with emblem, shirt or blouse, tie, shorts for boys, vest for boys, jumper for girls. Costume World has 36 total uniforms (this includes Mathilda’s).

Gym uniforms-for school children

Assorted costumes for-

Acrobats, magician’s assistant, kid’s masquerade party, clown entertainer, henchmen, doctors, nurses, cooks, chefs, moms, dads