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42nd Street




42nd STREET – Costume Plot

PLEASE NOTE:  The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of this production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock.  To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.

Time : 1933 – The action takes place in New York City & Philadelphia

ACT ONE, SCENE 1:  42nd Street Theatre, NYC


22 Chorus Ladies : Assorted blouses and shorts and playsuits in

light pastels and beige tones

14 Chorus Men : Assorted neutral dance pants and shirts, some

vests and sweaters, ties

Andy Lee : Two piece Suit, sweater vest, cap, shirt tie

Bert Barry : Three piece plaid suit, shirt, tie, hat

Oscar : Three piece suit and hat

Mac (Stage Mgr.) : Three piece suit and hat

Anytime Annie : Similar to ladies’ chorus – jacquard sleeveless

blouse, red shorts, red sash

Maggie Jones : Olive crepe jacket and skirt, gold and olive print

tie blouse


Peggy Sawyer : Medium blue crepe short jacket, tulip skirt.  White

blouse with Peter Pan collar. Gloves, yellow

“lucky” scarf

Bill Lawlor : Blue weave jacket, blue gabardine pants, white

cotton sweater, shirt and bow tie

Julian Marsh : Dark blue pin striped three piece suit, white shirt

and tie


Dorothy Brock : Silk bias cut dress with long sleeves, fur throw,

hat, gloves.  Add robe of grey and mauve chiffon

with handkerchief hem, feather boa trim

Abner Dillon : Tan western suit, beige western shirt, string tie,

dark brown cowboy hat

Pat Denning : Brown and tan sport coat, dark pants, vest, shirt,

bow tie and boater

Scene 2:  Gypsy Teakettle


Maggie, Peggy, Andy: Repeat

Annie : Salmon crepe wrap dress and natural straw hat

Lorraine and Phyllis: (Chorus) – Repeat Act Two, Scene 4 Lullabye


3 Teakettle Waiters: Striped shirts, brown tone wool vest, dark wool

pants, white aprons with paisley cummerbunds

Scene 3:  On Stage


Dorothy : Blue/gray jumpsuit with matching jacket and scarf

Billy Lawlor : White wool gabardine pants, blue jacket, white

shirt, blue tie and straw boater

7 Chorus Ladies : Assorted crepe jumpsuits with long sleeves and

center front bows

Peggy : Repeat

8 Chorus Men : Coordinating pastel blazers, ribbon striped white

shirts, bow ties, cream gabardine pants, straw


Scene 4:  Brock’s Dressing Room

Peggy, Pat, Dorothy: Repeat

Scene 5:  On Stage


Two Thugs : 1 Black Two piece suit with grey shirt and tie,

black fedora

1 Black Two piece suit with shirt, tie, fedora

Bert, Barry, Julian Marsh, Abner Dillon, Billy Lawlor: Add trench coats and hats

Dorothy : Navy blue wool coat, fur throw, hat

Maggie : Dark brocade cape and hat

Annie : Pink raincoat and hat

20 Chorus Ladies : Assorted styles of pastel rain coats with matching

hats and scarves

14 Chorus Men : Assorted styles of earth tone raincoats and hats

Scene 6:  Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia

Billy Lawlor : Brown Norfolk jacket, sweater vest, brown pants,

shirt, tie

Dames – Part One : Boys remove raincoats to opening look – add

black rehearsal top hats

Dames – Part Two : Beauty School – 20 peach chiffon short tunics

over leotards with chiffon headbands

Dames – Part Three: Billy – Black tail suit with side stripe, wing collar

shirt, vest, bow tie

14 Black wool tail suits with satin lapels and top

hats, wing collar shirts, vests and bow ties.

Dames – Part Four : 22 one of a kind rainbow dresses – ranging from

pale yellow to deepest purple – with hats or hair

flowers, some furs

Annie traditionally wears ruffle gown with picture hat

Peggy wears blue gown with gathered sleeves and small cap

Dorothy : Chiffon beaded gown with seed pearls,

bugle beads, rhinestone tiara with feather spray

Julian Marsh : Repeat

Scene 7:  Regency Club and Dorothy’s Suite


Regency Bartender: Gabardine mess jacket with black collar and gold

buttons, black pants

Three Girls : Assorted printed chiffon bias cut dresses

Maggie Jones : Maroon and gold printed silk dress and jacket

with wine chiffon collar and cuffs

Peggy Sawyer : Blue printed silk day dress with white organdy

ruffled collar

Annie : Hot Pink printed chiffon day dress

Dorothy : Steel blue chiffon bias cut draped evening gown

and coat with silk satin bands and bugle beaded


Scene 8:  Opening Night – Philadelphia

“I KNOW NOW” – Reprise

Billy : Black tail suit, white vest

8 Chorus “Trellis” Ladies: Crinkle sheer dance dresses with gathered net skirts and sleeves, horse hair picture hats


Annie, Peggy, Lorraine and Phyllis as Ragamuffins:  Breakaway rag dresses and knickers in mauves and gray tones with sweaters and soft caps


20 Girls and Annie : Champagne and pale green with silver dots short

dance dresses with sewn on coin and sequins

with silver linings, money gloves and gauntlets,

dime hats

12 Boys : White and green  jackets with silver trim sewn on

sequins and coins, silver vest with silver pants

striped in green – wing collar shirts, money bow


Billy Lawlor : Same as Chorus Men with more glitz

“Act One finale: – 1st 42nd Street

All costumes are in tones of black, gray, silver and white

Two Soldiers : White crepe shirt, white dance pants and tie

Two Gangsters : Black and white suits with silver vests, gray

shirts, ties, fedoras

Two Society Men : Black tail suits and vests, shirts, top hats

Two Newsboy : (From ladies chorus) – White with gray and black

plaid shirt, knickers, cap

Three Nifties : (One must be Peggy) – White silk blouses with

black crepe full skirts

Two Elegant Ladies: White charmuse bias cut gowns with faux boa

drapes – small caps

Three Hookers : Black crepe wrap dresses with ribbon striped

sleeves and silver sequined trim, small caps

Dorothy Brock : Royal blue silk dance dress with gold and royal

beaded embroidery

ACT TWO, SCENE 1:  Outside Dorothy’s dressing room – 10 minutes later

Doctor : Brown three piece suit and hat

All Others : Repeat

ACT TWO, SCENES 2 AND 3: Dressing rooms and backstage


Chorus – Ladies & Men: Top ½ of “Lullabye” costume  – (2-4)

ACT TWO, SCENE 4:  Broad Street Station


Peggy : Repeat Act One, Scene 1

Julian : Brown three piece pin striped suit

Maggie Jones : Brown print dress with cocoa silk jacket, green

and lavender trim, matching hat

Anytime Annie : Repeat Teakettle dress and hat

Bert Barry : Another Three piece suit

Andy Lee : Sport Coat

Billy Lawlor : Brown Norfolk jacket, sweater, brown pants

Chorus : Day time suits and dresses

ACT ONE, SCENE 5:  Backstage

Peggy : Repeat opening blouse.  Add light blue shorts

Chorus as Needed: Repeat “Lullabye” without jackets

ACT TWO, SCENE 6:  Peggy’s Dressing Room

“1/4 to 9”

Peggy : Repeat 2-5, add light blue terrycloth robe

6 Chorus Ladies : Assorted dressing gowns and wrappers

Dorothy Brock : Mauve to purple tone painted silk chiffon bias cut

dress with matching asymmetrical chiffon jacket

Pat Denning : Tuxedo

Julian Marsh : Repeat suit

ACT TWO, SCENE 7: Opening Night “42nd Street” in NYC


Three Bridesmaids: Bias cut crepe tea dresses with chiffon

capelets and picture hats

Annie : Cream silk charmuse tea length wedding dress

with pearl embroidered veil, bouquet

Three Best Men : Grey cutaways, beige vests, striped pants, top

hats, ascots, wing collar shirts

Bert Barry : Same as best men but rigged for quick change

into white satin striped pajamas with blue and

gray corded trim and monogram

Maggie Jones : Negligee and peignoir with white ostrich boa trim

8 Chorus Ladies : Assorted pastel silk teddies and slips, assorted

bras and panties with painted silk kimonos with

marabou trim

Annie : Changes into a cream silk teddy and kimono with

lace, seed pearls and ribbon flowers marabou


Peggy Sawyer : Royal blue milliskin and silk dance dress copy of

Dorothy in Act One, Scene 8

Two  Elegant Ladies: Same as Act One dresses, in color

Five  Nifties : Same design as 1st “42nd Street” in assorted pink

and lavender tones

Please Note:  The below listed are the same as Act One Finale with the outlined color variation

6 Hookers : Same design as 1st “42nd Street” in pinks, reds,

purple, fuchsia

Two Molls : One purple, One fuchsia silk dance dresses

Two Soldiers and Billy Lawlor: Khaki crepe soldier shirt, khaki gabardine dance pants

Two Gangsters : Colorful pin striped suits with maroon shirts and

ties, fedoras

Four Elegant Men : Black tail suits, brocade vests, wing collar shirts, 

top hats and bow ties

One Newsboy : Plaid shirt with corduroy knickers, matching cap 

One Violinist : plush jersey jacket with green and rust

striped pant

Three Policemen : Royal blue gabardine, uniforms with gold buttons

and shields, black cross belts, blue cap

Thief : Black jersey turtleneck with bright red gloves

attached to the sleeves – black brocade blazer –

tight black dancepants

ACT TWO, SCENE 8:  Backstage

All repeat

Bert/Andy/Pat/Oscar/Abner:  Tuxedos with white brocade vest

Maggie Jones : Silk jacquard evening gown and coat with

bugle beaded embroidery

Curtain Calls:

Dorothy, Chorus Ladies and Men change into “Dames” costume

All others repeat ACT TWO, SCENE 8

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