IMPORTANT!  PLEASE NOTE:  The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock.  To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.


ACT I, SCENE I – Courtroom

Bailiff and Registrar

Black robes, white linen stocks.

Judge Paul Barriere, Court Pres. Henri Marceaux, Judge Aristide Forestier

Black robes with ermine trim.  Black judges hats, white stocks.


Dark blue uniforms and caps (red braid trim) black belts, holders and prop swords, white collars with black ribbon bands.


Woolen skirt, attached white cotton petticoat, black garter belt, colorful jersey, velvet belt, and white cotton panties, black lisle hose.


Dark woolen skirt, petticoat attached, dickey, jacket, black handkerchief, black lisle hose.


Colorful skirt, attached petticoat, jersey, velvet belt, black lisle hose and colorful kerchief.


Skirt, attached petticoat, jacket, black kerchief, black lisle hose.

Dancing Girls

Varicolored skirt, white attached petticoats, assorted jerseys, jackets, kerchiefs, shawls, velvet belts, black garter belts, black lisle hose and white cotton panties.

ACT I, SCENE II – Street in Montmarte


Slacks, corduroy type jacket, striped jersey, butcher cap, and kerchief.


Blue uniform, blue cap with red pompom, blue and white striped jersey, and black tie.


Pants, print shirt, suspenders, black derby.


Pants, old faded jersey, dirt white apron, and wool kerchief.

Judge Forestier:

Dress suit, black cape, black silk hat, white kid gloves, white pique vest, white shirt, white wing collar, and bow tie.


Repeat Act I Scene I or similar uniform.

Working Man

Denim type pants, smock, cap, kerchief.

2nd Tough

Pants, shirt, string tie, jacket, butcher cap, vest, cummerbund.

Delivery Boy

Pants, shirt, dirty apron, diamond stickpin.

2nd Waiter

Pants, sweater, kerchief, dirty apron.

Hilaire Jussac

Suit, vest, shirt, tie, homburg, white collar, spats, gloves, boutonniere.


Corduroy type pants, jacket, print shirt, vest, leather belt, artist tie, and large brim velour hat.


Repeats Act I Scene I

ACT I, SCENE III – Bal Du Paradis


Corduroy type pants and jacket, stripe shirt, money belt, kerchief.


Pants, smock, kerchief, shirt with soft collar and beret.


Flashy pants, shirt, overcoat, artist tie, cummerbund.


Assorted pants, coats, or vests, kerchiefs, ties, hats or berets.


Repeat Act I Scene II


Suit, wing collar shirt, tie, daytime topper.


Dark velvet skirt and colorful striped bodice.  Petticoat, velvet belt, black kerchief, black hose, black garter belt.

Judge Forestier

Dress suit, hat, and gloves.

ACT I, SCENE IV – Pistaches’s Office


Fancy gown with fringe trim, black petticoat, attached.

Judge Forestier

Repeat Act I Scene III, without hat or gloves.


Repeat Act I Scene II.

ACT I, SCENE V – Bal Du Paradis

“All Repeat Act I Scene III”

ACT I, SCENE VI – Sidewalk Cafe


Pants, shirt, vest, bowtie, wing collar, dirty white apron.

Café Customer

Business suit, stripe shirt, tie, black homburg.


Pistache, Gabrielle, Marie and Celestine

Set of skirts and blouses, shawls, repeat stockings, etc.


Light blue French nun costume, large white twill collar, large white twill hat, cord.

Judge Forestier

Repeat Act I Scene I robes without hat.

ACT I, SCENE VIII – The Atelier


Pants, shirt, tie, striped apron (no hat, jacket or vest).


Pants, shirt, belt,  (no hat or jacket).


Pants, shirt, kerchief, smock smeared with paint.


Repeat Act I Scene III with overcoat


Dark dress with petticoat, nude nylon leotard, straw hat, handbag.


Pants, frock coat, vest, ascot with tie pin, gloves, daytime topper, spats, shirt with high white collar, boutonniere.

Gabrielle, Marie, Celestine

Repeat Act I Scene I.


Lavish dress with attached petticoat, boa, parasol, and large hat.

ACT I, SCENE IX – The Street

Forestier and Theophile

Repeat Act I Scene III


“All cross-over costumes as described in Act I Scene X”


ACT I, SCENE X – Peacock

Pistache – Peacock

Green feather trunks, cloth bodice, feather fantail, cloth hat, velvet neckband, long gloves, green tights.

Claudine – Eve

Nude nylon net leotard with leaves, also flower and flower for hair, nude tights and chiffon scarf.

Water Fountain

Nude net leotard with large sequins, long feathers, feather headpiece, neckband, long gloves and tights.

Female Satyr

Nude nylon net leotard with leaf and flower trim, tights with short tail, headpiece with horns.


Leotard with long ribbon and fringe skirt, hat with brush ends, large palette of colored felt trim, long gloves, tights.


Bodice and pants, net yoke, pillbox hat, neckband, black tights, long gloves.

Flower Pot

Nude nylon leotard with trim, headpiece of flowerpot and fishnet trim to drape to floor, tights.

Female and Male Leopards

Female:   1-piece full length painted tights with tail, pillbox hat with ears, kerchief.

Male:       Waist length painted tights with tail, pillbox hat with ears, kerchief.

Female and Male Kangaroos

Female:   Trunks with tail and pouch, bra, boxing gloves, hat with ears, kangaroo shoes, tights, (baby Kangaroo head and forelegs showing from pouch).

Male:       Tights, trunks with tail, headpiece with ears, boxing gloves and kangaroo shoes.

Female and Male Flamingos

Female:   Nude nylon leotard with bright trunks and bra.  Feather hat, tights.

Male:       Darker shades but same idea.

Female and Male Frogs

Female:   1-piece green and yellow tights, straw hat with large flower trim, green felt frog shoes and hands.

Male:       Same as female but omit flower trim on hat.

Female and Male Penguins

Female:   Black leotard and tights, white pique dickey and collar, bowtie, cutaway coat, derby, black gloves.

Male:       Same as female.

Female and Male Seahorses

Female:   Metallic cloth trucks with tail, metallic cloth bra and collar, metallic headpiece and flappers, tights.

Male:       Similar to female with fishnet attached to headpiece.

Female and Male Inch Worms

Female:   2-piece green tights with yellow pompoms, green cap with wood ball feelers.

Male:       Same as female.

Male Satyr

Similar to female.


2-piece tights, long red should drape, metallic belt with cock tail, headpiece.


2-piece black leotard costume painted with snake-like design, cap.


Black gorilla costume, head, hands.

“Assortment of capes included to cover Act I Scene IX crossovers”

“Note:  Other characters can be included as needed”

ACT II, SCENE I – The Atelier

Boris, Hercules, Theophile, Etienne

Repeat Act I Scene VIII


Long, red flannel nightgown.


Repeat Act I Scene VIII without dress.



Repeat Act I Scene VI.


Corduroy type pants, jacket, shirt, kerchief, cummerbund, butchers cap.

Judge Barriere

Suit, vest, shirt with wing collar, ascot, derby.


Skirt, colorful bodice, petticoat (attached straw hat with flower trim, handbag, gloves, feather boa, repeat black stockings.


Dull color costume with petticoat, kerchief, short gloves, large hat.

ACT II, SCENE III – ”La Blanchisserie”

Dancing Girls

Apache skirts and jerseys, panties, neckbands, tights.

Dancing Boys

Assorted plain and striped jerseys, black pants, kerchiefs, butchers caps, cummerbunds, some can have vests or jackets.


Repeat Act II Scene II.

Customers – Men

Assorted full dress suits, vest, etc, with top hats.

Customers – Women

Assorted ball type dresses.

ACT II, SCENE IV – The Street

Boris, Hercule, Theophile, Etienne

Repeat Act I Scene III.


Pants, frock coat, vest, ascot, topper, gloves, and spats.

ACT II, SCENE V – Roof of ”La Blanchisserie”


Repeat Act II Scene II.


Skirt and bodice, kerchief, belt.

Boris, Hercule, Theophile, Etienne

All wear black silk hats and Inverness capes.


Doctor type suit, derby shirt, and string tie.


Black suit, Inverness cape, topper, shirt.


Dress suit, vest full white pleated bosom shirt, bowtie, opera cape, black opera hat, and gloves.



Dark 3-piece suit, shirt, tie.

Judge Barriere

Repeat Act II Scene II.

Guarde Republican

Dark blue coat, red epaulets, red bands on sleeve and hat, light blue pants, red braid down sides, white belts, holders and prop swords, white high collars with black ribbon bands.

Prosecutor, Registrar, Forestier, Guarde Republicans

Repeat Act I Scene VI.

ACT II, SCENE VII – Court of Assizes


Assorted business suits, shirts, wing collars, ties.


Flashy dress with ruffled petticoat, ruffled panties, black garters, headpiece, long gloves, and cape.

Dancing Girls

Nylon net leotards with varied-colored net ruffled skirts, high neck bodices, panties, black garters, long gloves, hats.

Court President

Red robe, ermine trim, large white lace collar, black velvet hat with gold trim.


Red robes, linen stocks, red felt hats with gold trim.