CURTAINS – costume plot –

 time 1950’s and the old West

Act One-

Wide Open Spaces onstage finale- 

Rob Hood/Bobby Pepper-black and white spotted cowboy outfit with hat, shirt, vest, chaps, pants

Madame Marion/Jessica Cranshaw- white and green long Madame gown with hair plumes and boa-changes into long dressing gown onstage

Miss Nancy- Nikki- ¾ dress with hat and glove

Parson-frock coat outfit

Ensemble- various western costumes-green color palette

Backstage-What Kind of Man and Showpeople

Carmen-stylish suit


Georgia-stylish dress


Christopher Belling-eccentric suit with cape

Johnny stage manager- typical stage manager garb with vest

Nikki- nice after show pretty dress

Bambi-after show dress

Lt. Frank Cioffi- fedora, trench coat, 3 piece suit, shirt, tie (wears suit throughout show)

Sydney Bernstein-overcoat, hat, suit

Ensemble- 50’s party clothes

Next day

Nikki- nice dress change

Daryle Grady-trenchcoat, hat, suit

Carmen- change of suit

Bobby-shirt, pants

Aaron- shirt, vest, pants

Georgia-nice dress

Thataway on stage rehearsal

Georgia as Madame Marian-red toned outfit with hair plume and boa

Bobby- western shirt, pants, hat

Girls-saloon girl outfits

Boys-calvary outfits with hats

Parson- no change

Act Two-

dormitory look

All in assorted nightwear


Carmen-another dress or suit

Aaron- change to another shirt, pants, vest or sweater

Bambi- as Princess Kickapoo- abbreviated Indian outfit

Bobby-western pants, shirt, hat

Ensemble- assorted western garb-color predominately red

Tough Act

Nikki-soft blue dress

Ensemble dancers-

Boys –tuxes or pastel blazers and pants

Girls-d resses or gown to coordinate with boys

In the Same Boat-

Georgia-bustle style outfit

Bambi and Nikki-same outfits as Wide Open Spaces

Parson- same outfit

Other men- frock suits with top hats

Girls- as Mermaid or Fish

Finale –

Can be done in black and white versions of Wide Open Spaces or repeat Wide Open Spaces 

Darryl- in Rob Hood outfit and then Cioffi in copy of this