Into the Woods


(As per the Original Broadway Production)

PLEASE NOTE:  The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock.  To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.


¨     Gray suit – circa, 1900 bow tie

¨     “Mysterious Man” – Woodland Spirit – rough peasant costume – quick change (comes off in view of audience to reveal narrator)


¨     Ragged, low class outfit – early 1800’s (used twice)

¨     1830’s ball gown, tiara, gloves

¨     1830’s wedding gown with veil


¨     Peasant costume circa 1500, pants, suspenders, full peasant shirt, knitted hose, short jacket, cap, scarf


¨     Peasant costume, full off white shirt, pants, hose, vest, apron, cap

¨     Adds “hunting jacket” and scarf

¨     Changes hat to baker (chef) hat

Baker’s Wife:

¨     Tan jumper, pale blue blouse, jacket with fur trim, pregnancy padding

INTO THE WOODS – Costume Plot

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Cinderella’s Stepmother:

¨     1830’s corset, bloomers, hose, camisole

¨     1830’s ball gown, gloves, headpiece

¨     1830’s court dress, gloves, headpiece

¨     1830’s traveling suit, gloves, hat

Florinda (Step Sister)

¨     1830’s corset, bloomer and hose

¨     1830’s ball gown, gloves and headpiece

¨     1830’s traveling suit, gloves, hat

Lucinda (Step Sister)

¨     1830’s corset, bloomers, and hose

¨     1830’s ball gown, gloves and headpiece

¨     1830’s traveling suit, gloves, hat

Jack’s Mother:

¨     Peasant costume, distressed lace bodice over blouse, long skirt, apron,  shawl

¨     Bourgeois outfit, nice middle class skirt and blouse, bonnet, apron

Little Red Riding Hood

¨     Red skirt and bodice, apron, mob cap,bouse

¨     Adds cape made of “wolf skin”


¨     Rag dress (ragged version – always worn under cloak)

¨     Hooded ragged cloak

Transformation dress – magical vision of beauty and youth

¨     Beautiful Sorceress dress

¨     Ornate Sorceress cape

Cinderella’s Father:

¨     Pompous 18th century outfit:  Richly colored coat, breeches, fancy neckwear, vest

¨      inverness style cloak and top hat

INTO THE WOODS – Costume Plot

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Cinderella’s Mother

¨     Empire – style burial gown (she is seen only in spirit form)


¨     Furry, muscled body, fur hood with ears, fur gloves, tail coat, boot spats

¨     Mob cap and nightgown to match grandmother’s


¨     Long, Medieval/Renaissance gown

¨     Rigged wig

Rapunzel’s Prince:

¨      uniform coat, breeches, sash at waist,  boot tops


¨     Night gown and mob cap

¨     Simple printed country dress, shawl, bonnet

Cinderella’s Prince:

¨     Uniform, gloves

¨     Adds hat for wedding

Snow White:

¨     Red cape, Dress in blue, red and yellow

Sleeping Beauty:

¨     Pink medieval gown and headpiece


¨     Double breasted pigeon coat, pants tricorn hat

¨     Long cloak and gloves