NY City Streets – Lower Manhattan 1899

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ACT I, SCENE I-Rooftops

JACK KELLY: pants, shirt, undershirt, suspenders, vest, newsboy cap

CRUTCHIE: pants, shirt, suspenders, newsie hat

ACT 1, SCENE 2-Streets of New York

NEWSIES: assorted neutral pants, knickers, shirts, vests, suspenders, newsies caps

KATHRYN PLUMBER; bright day suit

DARCY: Sack suit, shirt, bowtie, and hat

NUNS; habits

WORKER: pants, vest, shirt, and fedora

OSCAR DELANCY: shirt, suspenders, pants, tie and fedora

MORRIS DELANCY:vest, shirt, tie pants, and fedora

WEISEL: shirt, pants, tie, bowler

DAVEY JACOBS: nicer pants, sweater vest, tie, shirt, newboy cap

LES JACOBS: knickers, shirt, sweater vest, tie newsie cap

ACT I, SCENE 3- Pulitzer’s Office

PULITZER: frock suit, shirt and ascot

HANNAH: skirt, blouse and tie

BUNSEN: Cutaway coat, striped pants, vest, shirt, ascot

SEITZ: same as Bunsen

NUNZIO: sack suit, shirt, bowler

ACT I, SCENE 4-Streets of New York

STREET PATRONS: assorted suits, skirts. Shirts, hats, ties, etc.

SNYDER: dark suit, shirt, long tie, fedora

ALL OTHERS: repeat

ACT I, SCENE 5- Medda’s Bowery

PATRONS: assorted suits, shirts, ties and hats

MEDDA LARKIN: long vaudeville dress hat

BOWERY BEAUTIES: short vaudeville costumes, headpieces, gloves

STAGE MANAGER: pants, vest, shirt, boater, arm garters

ALL OTHERS; repeat

ACT I, SCENE 6-New York Streets

DOOR GUARD: uniform, hat

ALL OTHERS: repeat

ACT I, SCENE 7- Jacobi’s Deli

JACOBI: shirt, pants, vest, bowtie, fedora, apron

Kathryn Plumber: Suit, blouse, tie, hat

ALL OTHERS: repeat

ACT I, SCENE 8-Kathyrn’s study

KATHRYN: repeat

ACT I, SCENE 8A-New York Streets

SCABS: assorted pants, shirts, vests, suspenders, caps

CAMERA MAN: sack suit, cap, shirt, bowtie

KATHRYN: repeat

GOONS:  ass’t dark suits, hats, shirt, ties, fingerless gloves

POLICE: uniforms, hats

ACT I, SCENE 9-Rooftops


ACT II, SCENE I- Jacobi’s Deli

KATHRYN: flowing skirt, blouse, belt, tie, bloomers, hat

DAVEY JACOBS: collarless shirt, button vest, pants, cap

LES JACOBS: shirt, suspenders, knickers, cap

ALL OTHERS: repeat

ACT 11, SCENE 2-Refuge

CRUTCHIE: distressed shirt, pants, vest

REFUGE BOYS: assorted distressed shirts and pants

ACT II, SCENE 3-Medda’s Bowery

JACK KELLY: add half apron

MEDDA LARKIN: bathrobe

ALL OTHERS: repeat

ACT ll, SCENE 4-Pulitzer’s Office

MAYOR: frock suit, shirt, ascot, vest, gloves, top hat

ALL OTHERS: repeat

ACT ll, SCENE 5-Pulitzer’s basement

ALL: repeat

ACT ll, SCENE 6-Medda’s Bowery

BROOKLYN NEWSIES: similar to other Newsies – with red scarves

SPOT COLLNS: Red shirt, pants, suspenders, cap

MEDDA LARKEN: Skirt and blouse

KATHRYN: skirt, blouse, belt, and tie

ACT ll, SCENE 7-Rooftops

ALL: repeat

ACT ll, SCENE 8-Pulitzer’s Basement

DARCY: Sack suit, long tie, shirt, fedora, apron

BILL: sack suit, shirt, tie, bowler, apron

ALL OTHERS: repeat

ACT ll, SCENE 9-Pulitzer’s Office

ROOSEVELT-frock suit, shirt, ascot, vest, tie

MEDDA LARKIN: day suit, blouse, gloves, fur stole, large feathered hat

ALL OTHERS: repeat

ACT ll, SCENE 10- Streets of New York

ALL: repeat