On the Town


IMPORTANT!  PLEASE NOTE:  The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock.  To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.

Act I, Scene 1-Broklyn Navy Yard

Women Principals                                                                  Men Principals


Chip): White sailor uniform


Chorus Men

Singing men: Assorted navy yard workmen costumes.

Dancing Boys: White sailor Costume

Act I, Scene 2- Subway Train

Flossie: Afternoon dress and hat, and bag. Summery, working girl.             Ozzie)

Chip): repeat


Flossies Friend: (S.G.) Also working girl. Simple day dress and bag.

Little Old Lady: Character dress, black straw hat, and black bag

Bill Poster: Work shirt and denim work pants

Chorus Women                                                                       Chorus Men

Singing girls: Assorted street and character clothes.              Assorted suits, sport clothes, work outfit

Act I, Scene 3- New York                                                      Ozzie)

Chip): repeat


Chorus Women                                                                       Chorus Men

Dancing Girls: Assorted street                                               Reporter

Dresses, full skirts                                                                  Photographer


Dress Designer

Designer Assistant


Act 1, Scene 4-Taxicab

Hildy: Girl taxi driver. Leather jacket, Mr. Upermen: Sport jacket and slacks white shirt and tie.

Act 1, Scene 5 Museum of Natural History

Claire Deloone: Very smartly dressed, street summer suit hat fur scarf, Sexy looking

Ozzie: repeat

Waldo Figment: Professional type. Very tweedy suit, spectacles, narrow shoulders

Chorus Women                                                           Chorus Men

3 dancing girls: bird costumes prehistoric                 3 dancing boys: Cave men in fur skin

type with webs from arms to body

Act 1, Scene 6- New York Street

Gabey: repeat

Chorus Women                                                           Chorus Men

Singing Girls: High school girls in teen                     Singing Boys: Sailor

Age clothes.

1 Dancing Boys: Repeat sailor

Act 1, Scene 7-Carnegie Hall

MME. Dilly: Typical teacher only she drinks and is in general a rather “fussy” slob. Print chiffon dress with ruffles, red fright wig and bow in hair. Jewelry

Gabey: Repeat

IVY; Black union with circular skirt, detachable

Chorus Women

Singing Girls: Wagnerian Soprano:

Street dress, balance as singing

Teachers ranging from prim type

to bawdy Mme. Dilly types.

Chorus: Singing Men

1-actor: knit sweater corduroy pants

and neckerchief

2-musicians: shirts and pants

1-man, simple, little, weak with flower in hand

Dancing Girls: Rehearsal clothes                               Dancing Boys: Rehearsal clothes

Act I Scene 9-Claire’s Apartment

Claire: Repeat

Pitkin W. Bridgework: business suit and cocktail apron. He is a portly judge

Ozzie: repeat

Act 1 Scene 10- Hildy’s apartment

Hildy: repeat

Chip: repeat

Lucy Schmeeler: wool bathrobe and change to street dress, rather frumpy, hat and bag

Act1, Scene 11- time square

Hildy: cocktail dress with comedy flavor

Claire: cocktail suit and hat                                                    Ozzie)

Chip): repeat


Mme. Dilly: Repeat with boa

Ivy: Cocktail dress with full skirt, cute, hat, bag, gloves.

Chorus Women                                                           Chorus Men

Singing Girls: Assorted types,                                    Singing Men: Assorted Times Square

Times Square girls, etc.                                              types. Same idea as Guys and Dolls

Times Square Ballet                                       Dancing Girls: To be decided by choreographer.

Dancing Boys: To be decided by choreographer

Act 2, Scene 1- Diamond Eddie’s Nightclub


Hildy): repeat

Pitkin: tuxedo

Diana Dream: spangled evening sheath blues singe                          Ozzie:

Chip: repeat


Chorus Women                                                           Chorus Men

Singing Girls: Assorted nightclub patrons.

Singing Men: Assorted nightclub patrons, some servicemen.

Dancing Girls: Set of spangled leotards with feather hairdos

Dancing Boys: Waiter

Act 2, Scene 1, The Conga cabana Night Club

Dolores Dolores: rumba costume

All repeat: repeat

Act 2, Scene 1, The Slam bang Club

Lucy: “Gotten up” very fancy but very dowdy. For comic effect.

Act 2, Scene 2, Subway train to Coney island

Ivy: Dream costume. Leotard with skirt and chiffon scarf

Gabey: repeat

Act 2, Scene 3- Dream Coney island ballet

Ivy: repeat

Gabey: repeat

Dancing Girls: Idealized: Rich: Coney Island set. Leotards with small hip drape and detachable skirts feather headpieces, gloves. Color scheme in blues and Green.

Dancing Boys: Idealized “rich” Coney Island set. Color scheme in blues and greens. Blazers edge in sequins, ascot, jeweled, danle pants.

Act 2, Scene 4- Coney Island Express



Claire): Repeat




Conductor: Subway uniform

Act 2, Scene 5- Real Coney Island

Icy: Kootch costume with break away skirt


Hildy): Repeat

Bimmy: Barker’s costume. Loud checked jacket bowler corduroy neckerchief



Chip): Repeat


Chorus Women: repeat                                                           Chorus Men: repeat

2 Dancing Girls: Same ideas kootch costumes as Ivy                        1 policeman

Act 2, Scene 6- Brooklyn Navy Yard

Same As I-1