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Annie: Costume Plot

Time: December 1933



Cotton dress and faded pinafore, worn cardigan sweater, black cotton stockings Note:  Orphans wear similar dresses, some with long underwear.  In Act Two, Scene 2, orphans wear a second, different set of similar dresses.

Miss Hannigan:

Robe, flowered flannel nightgown

Littlest Orphan:  (Act one, Scene 4)

Long underwear, scuffs, later changes to dress.


Wool jacket, worn work pants, cap

Miss Hannigan: (Act 1, Scene 4)

Printed period dress


Period NYC uniform


Women:- Assorted ragged coats, jackets and shawls over worn dresses and aprons, hats, scarves and gloves.

Men: Worn and patched work pants: jackets or overcoats, old knit caps and beat up felt hats, scarves and mittens


Grace: (Act 1, Scene 4-5)

Cape, suit jacket, solid tailored skirt, blouse, felt and satin hat.  For Scene 5, remove cape, jacket and hat.

Warbucks: (Act one, Scene 5)

Expensive looking double-breasted wool

Mrs. Pugh:

Tiny print dress with high lace collar

Drake:  (and male servants)

Cutaway, striped pants, vest, wing collar, black bow tie


Uniforms with white organdy aprons (Act two, Scene 5) add Christmas corsages.

Warbucks: (Act one, Scene 6)

Long overcoat with velvet collar, white silk scarf, felt hat

Grace:  (Act one, scene 6)

Coat trimmed with fur, cloche hat with feather


Coat, scarf, gloves, small felt hat

New Yorkers:

A parade of “typical” city types, among them:

Little Rich Girl:

Plaid coat, tam


Traditional red suit

Depression victim: Worn overcoat, cap, corduroy pants

Plaid coat-dress, fur boa, flashy jewelry


Black evening gown

Also: a fireman, Salvation Army girl, young middle class couple, Christmas Tree salesman, newsboy, etc.

Their costumes should make plain, clear statements of what they depict.

Miss Hannigan: (Act One, Scene 7)

Dress trimmed with lace


Floral dress with wrap skirt, fur boa, flower and feather trimmed hat


Loud pinstripe suit, mismatched vest, tie with stud, bowler

Grace:  (Act one, Scene 8)

Blouse with organdy trim, skirt

Annie:  (Act two, Scene 1)

Dress with lace trimmed collar

Warbucks: (Act two Scene 1)

Single breasted suit with vest

Bert Healy:

Plaid suit and straw boater

NBC Page:

Shirt, pleated pants, hat, tie

Masked Announcer (Jimmy Johnson):

Tailcoat with satin lapels, white pants and vest, black mask

Boylan Sisters:

Matching dresses with lace cape collars, gloves, hats.

Ventriloquist (Fred McCracken):

Dark single-breasted suit, long tie.

Sound Effects Man:

Argyle sweater vest, pleated pants, bow tie

Grace: (Act two, Scene 1)

Repeat Act One, Scene 6


In disguise as Annie’s mother – old print dress, wool coat, scarf, knit hat, mittens.  She should look convincing.


In disguise as Annie’s father.  Cloth overcoat, baggy dark pants, felt hat, scarf, gloves.  He should look convincing.

Annie:  (Act Two, Scene 3)\

White sailor dress with pleated skirt, pale blue bow tie.

FDR: (Act Two, Scene 3)

Pinstripe double breasted suit

Warbucks:  (Act Two, Scene 3)

Double-breasted suit with vest

Gentlemen of FDR’s Cabinet:  (Ickes, Hull, Morganthau, Howe):

Suits in various styles


Suit, jacket, hat

Grace:  (Act Two, Scene 4)

Dress and jacket

Annie and Sandy:  (Act Two, Scene 5)

Red dress with white trim. Sandy has red bow.


Wear matching (Act Two, Scene 5) dresses in orange, yellow, green, blue, lavender and pink.