Beauty and The Beast

This costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock. To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.


Beauty and The Beast Plot

The Beast
  1. Padded body suit with fur legs and separate chest piece, open collared shirt, blue knickers, boot tops, headpiece with horns and hair
  2. Cape
  3. Blue velvet decorated tail coat, lace jabot, vest, sash, pants
  4. As the Prince-blue coat, pants, vest, jabot
  1. Blue dress with attached apron and petticoat, bloomers, hairbow
  2. Cape
  3. Pinks dress with petticoat and hairbow
  4. Gold ballgown over hoop, long gloves
  1. Red padded jerkin, sleeveless shirt, black stretch pants, boot tops, belt, cuffs
  2. Yellow padded jerkin, red stretch pants
  3. Black cape
Le Fou
  1. Green coat, red vest, baggy pants, shirt, black tie, black hat
  1. Object-gold/brown sequined coat, matching pants and cummerbund, formed headpiece, light up candlestick hands
  2. Human-gold/brown sequined vest, shirt, jabot
  1. Object-rust/gold sequined shirt and pants, formed clock body with working pendulum and door that opens, removable key, headpiece
  2. Human-rust/gold sequined jacket, shirt, vest, jabot
Mrs. Potts
  1. Object-stuctured teapot with apron and collar, mob cap, teapot hat
  2. Human-lavender blouse, skirt, apron, and mob cap
  1. Object-gold/copper gown with feathered bottom, hat, feathered cuffs
  2. Human-black and white dress and hat
Madam de la Grande Bouche
  1. Object-Shaped armoire costume with working doors and drawer, shirt with velvet sleeves, headpiece, Viking helmet
  2. Human-Cream/green jeweled gown with panniers, white 18th century wig
  1. Object-tea cup headpiece, white unitard (cart not provided)
  2. Human-gold velour pants and vest, shirt
Beast Double
  1. Object-Floor length cape with attached arms and hands, full mask
  1. Hooded lavender velvet cape, pink/lavender gown
  1. Black floor length coat, shirt, pants, vest, tie, top hat
  1. 4 total – each with gray unitards, tails, full masks
  1. Woven shirt, vest, knickers, tights, hat

4 total-bronze/gold dresses with pink and purple waist cinchers, cuffs, and headpieces

Flatware and plates

2 Forks, 2 Knives, 2 Spoons, 2 Plates, 2 100 Plates, 2 100 Flatware (4 female and 8 male costumes)

Females - gold bodysuits, bustiers, gold chiffon skirts, small top hats

Males-gold sequined pants, jackets and top hats

Each with backpack of item.

Magic Carpet
  1. Purple spandex oriental rug costume
Wire Whisk
  1. Silver shirt and pants, whisk shaped object
Cheese Grater
  1. Silver shirt and pants, silver and purple hat, cheese grater shaped body
  1. Pink and white 2 piece costume with headpiece
  1. Black and white 2 piece costume with headpiece
  1. Brocade padded footstool backpack

Assorted colorful period peasant costumes

Mob Villagers

Assorted dark capes and cloaks some with hoods, some with hats

Finale Villagers

formal 18th century costumes