This costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock. To guarantee a costume selection that is closest to your specifications. Our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.


Cats Plot

  1. Pre Deuteronomy Grey 2 piece tunic and pants
  2. Old Deuteronomy: Grey/Black/White Yarn fringed jumpsuit with tail
  3. Black fingerless gloves
  4. Wig with ears
  5. Beard
  1. Munkustrap Grey/White/Black basic unitard
  2. Black/white arm warmers
  3. Black/white leg warmers
  4. Grey/brown Munkustrap wig
  5. Tail
  1. Plato Brown Grey Black basic unitard
  2. Striped arm warmers
  3. Striped leg warmers
  4. Brown/Black Plato basic wig
  5. Tail
  1. Red/Black/White Specialty unitard
  2. Black/red Macavity arm warmers
  3. Black/Red/Yellow/Orange Macavity Wig
  4. Tail
  1. Black/White/Grey yarn fringed coat with tail Fake Deuteronomy Mask with beard and wig attached
  1. Pre-Mistoffoles: Black/White Basic unitard Grey/black-flecked arm warmers Grey/black-flecked leg warmers Black Mistoffoles wig with ears Tail
  2. Mistoffoles: Black velveteen unitard Black bejeweled jacket with tail attached
  1. Pre Jenny any Dots: White/Orange/Brown/Basic unitard
  2. Orange/White arm warmers
  3. Orange white leg warmers
  4. Orange Jenny Any Dots wig
  5. Tail
  6. Gumby Cat Big white/white yarn fringed fat cat s uit
  7. Gray/ White yarn fringed boots
  8. Gray Mittens
  9. Jenny Any Dots Orange/White fringed pants
  10. Orange/white fringed jacket
  11. Orange/Brown fringed hat
  1. Pre-Rum Tum Tugger Black/Yellow Basic unitard
  2. Rum Tum Tugger Wig with ears
  3. Black arm warmers
  4. Black leg warmers
  5. Tail
  6. Rum Tum Tugger Rum Tum Tugger fur collard vest
  7. Studded belt
  1. Pre-Rumpleteaser Brown/Black/White basic unitard
  2. Brown/black warm warmers
  3. Brown/Black leg warmers
  4. Brown wig
  5. Tail
  6. Rumpleteaser Brown/Black leopard print leotard with pearls
  7. Attached stockings
  8. Leopard print arm warmers
  1. Pre-Mungojerrie: Black/White/Brown basic unitard
  2. Brown/Wite arm warmers
  3. Brown/white leg warms
  4. Brown Mungojerrie wig
  5. Tail
  6. Mungojerrie Specialty leopard print jacket
  1. Bomballerina Red/Black/White basic unitard
  2. Red/Black/White leg warmers
  3. Red/Burgandy arm warmers
  4. Bomballerina wig
  5. Tail
  1. Cassandra Brown/white unitard
  2. Collar
  3. Cassandra Wig
  4. Cassandra Tail
  1. Pre-Grizabella White/Black/Gray basic unitard
  2. Tan arm warmers
  3. Créme / red leg warmers
  4. Pre-Griz wig
  5. Tail
  6. Grizabella tattered black sequined dress
  7. Black sparkly stockings
  8. Black sparkly arm warmers
  9. Gray knit jacket with stand up collar
  10. Specialty Grizabella wig with ears
  1. Victoria Basic white unitard
  2. White leg warmers
  3. White arm warmers
  4. 4 pairs white knee covers
  5. GUS
  6. Pre-Gus Brown/Black basic unitard
  7. Grey/Rust Wig
  8. Brown white leg warmers
  9. Gray arm warmers
  10. Tail

ASPARAGUS/GROWLTIGER: Rag Coat Boot Spats Rust/black tiger striped fat suit with belt and tail Headband with eye patch Rust colored gloves

BUSTOPHER JONES: Black/White Fat cat suit with tail White fur dickey for fat cat Bustopher wig Bustopher Beard Gloves Spats

  1. Jelly Lorum Yellow/white basic unitard Yellow JellyLorum wig Tan/Black arm warmers Tan/Black leg warmers Tail
  2. Griddlebone White marabou trimmed corset with tail attached
  3. White marabou trimmed pant White marabou trimmed hat/bonnet White opera gloves White Marabou trimmed capelet
  1. Pre-Shimbleshannks Orange basic unitard Orange/ Yellow arm warmers Orange/brown/yellow leg warmers Yellow/brown wig Tail
  2. Shimbleshanks Black/white fur tuxedo vest with chain

SILLIBUB: Sillibub White/Red basic Unitard Maroon Arm Warmers Red/Gray Leg Warmers Sillibub Wig Tail

ALONZO: Alonzo Black/brown/white basic unitard Grey/brown leg warmers Grey/brown arm warmers Brown Alonzo wig Tail

  1. Demeter White/Yellow black basic unitard
  2. Orange/Brown leg warmers
  3. Brown/Orange arm warmers
  4. Red/Yellow Wig
  5. Tail
  1. 6 Beetles helmets
  2. 6 Beetle bodies
  1. Assorted pirate costumes partials
  1. Siamese 6 Siamese jackets
  2. 6 Siamese helmets