The Chorus Line

This costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock. To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.


The Chorus Line Plot

Don: Blue jeans, striped T shirt (blue and white, small stripe)

Maggie:Dark brown trunks, beige legs, rose sweater with V neck

Mike: Light blue polo, brown jazz pants

Connie: Pink turtle neck leotard, navy blue unitard with scoop neck, floral pants

Greg: Black velour pants, high waisted with suspenders, black long sleeve turtle neck, football jersey (black, silver and yellow)

Cassie: Cranberry leotard and wrap skirt

Sheila: Nude with pinch front, milliskin, long sleeved leotard

Bobby: High waisted black pants, red suspenders, green shirt with sweater (grays, green or yellow)

Judy: Lavender square neck tank, leotard, thin belt

Bebe: Black tights, black trunks, maroon polo shirt

Al: Brown jazz pants, green T shirt with gold letters (TKTS), jersey jacket

Christine: black tights, brown wraparound long sleeved leotard

Val: Light purple dance trunks, white or lavender lace crop top (deep neck)

Mark: Light blue tank top, navy blue jazz pants

Paul: Green fatigues, green T shirt, zip front hooded sweatshirt

Diana: Ankle socks, green trunks, baseball shirt, green/maroon

Larry: Navy blue pants, navy blue basketball shirt, tank top with yellow piping and #19 on the back

Zack: Beige pants, dress shirt, beige sweater with pattern


Lois: Ballet - pink/pink; wrap chiffon skirt and leg warmers

Tricia: Teal blue tank leotard, thin black belt

Vicki: Emerald green turtleneck, sleeveless leotard

Roy: Jeans, sweatshirt, blue with maroon sleeves, headband gray, green dance pants, grey tank, red headband

Butch: Maroon pants, pink dress shirt, suspenders


Entire cast changes to gold or champagne colored spandex and satin finale costumes

Women: Leotard, vests and top hats

Men: Jumpsuit with shirt and tie, jacket and top hat