This costume plot is a "suggested" design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock. To guarantee a costume selection that is closest to your specifications. Our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.



IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE!  The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock.  To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.


#1 “Good Morning Baltimore

Tracy-------Long Night Gown ( Under Tracy’s Night Gown is her
Outfit she changes on Stage)
Skirt, Blouse
6 Women-----Mixture Skirt, Blouses, Sweaters, or Day
Dresses Some with Coats:
                6 Men-------Mixture sport Coats, Pants, Shirt, ties or
Pants, Shirt, Tie and variety of Sweaters

Flasher-------Long Rain Coat, Hat

Businessman Bar Room Drunk-------Suit, Shirt, Tie



#2  “Nicest Kids in Town

Corney-----Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie
Tracy-------Repeat Act 1 #1
Penny------Skirt, Blouse, Sweater
Prudy------Day Dress, Coat, Hat
Edna-------Day HOUSE Coat Style Dress
Amber----Day Dress, Petticoat
Brad-------Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie
Tammy----Day Dress, Petticoat
Fender----Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt and Tie
Brenda----Day Dress, Petticoat
Sketch-----Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie
Shelly------Day Dress, Petticoat
IQ----------Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie
Lou Ann----Day Dress, Petticoat

6 men-----mixture: Sport Coats, Pants, Shirts, Tie, Cardigan
6 Women--mixture: Day Dresses, Petticoat, Skirt, Blouses
#2A  “Nicest Kids Bumper Out”

Velma-----Dressy 2 piece Dress
Amber----Repeat Act 1 #2
Corney---Repeat Act 1 #2
Link------Repeat Act 1 #2


#2B  “Corney Collins Underscore:

Corney-----Repeat Act 1 #2
Spritzer----Dressy Day Dress
Amber-----Repeat Act 1 #2
Edna-------Repeat Act 1 #2
Tracy-------Repeat Act 1 #1
Penny------Repeat Act 1 #2

#3 The New Girl in Town

Amber-------Repeat act 1 #2
Corney------Repeat Act 1 #2
Brenda------Repeat Act 1 #2
Tracy-------Repeat Act 1 #1
Penny-------Repeat Act 1 #1
Edna--------Repeat Act 1 #2
Wilbur------Loud Spot Coat, Pants, Shirt, Bow Tie, Over Coat
Prudy-------Repeat Act 1 #2
Velma------Repeat Act 1 #2

ACT 1 SCENE 2  “ Mama I’m a Big Girl Now”

Penny-------Repeat Act 1 Scene1
Tracy-------Repeat Act 1 Scene 1
Amber------Matching Neglige to Velma
Prudy-------Repeat Act 1 Scene 1 No Coat
Edna-------Repeat Act 1 Scene1
Velma------Matching Neglige to Amber



ACT 1 SCENE 3  The Audition

Amber-------Day Dress Petticoat
Tammy------Day Dress, Petticoat
Brenda------Day Dress, Petticoat
Shelly-------Day Dress, Petticoat
Lou Ann----Day Dress, Petticoat
Velma------Very High fashion Dressy Dress
Link---------Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, tie
Tracy--------Repeat Act 1 Scene1
Penny-------Repeat Act 1 scene1
Little Inez--Fitted Day Dress
Edna--------Dressy Day Dress and Hat
Wilbur------Loud Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie
Brad--------Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt , Tie
Fender-----Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie
Sketch-----Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie
IQ----------Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie

ACT 1 SCENE 4 Detention”

Principal (Male)------Suit, Shirt, Tie
Principal(Female)----Jacket, Skirt, Bowed Blouse

Tracy-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene1
Seaweed-------Pants, Shirt Sweater
Duane---------Pants, Shirt, Tie
Gilbert--------Pants, Shirt
Lorraine-------Skirt, Tight Sweater
Stooie----------Pants, Shirt Bow Tie, Sweater



ACT 1 SCENE 5 The Madison”

Corney----------Suit, Shirt, Tie
Amber-----------Day Dress, Petticoat
Tammy----------Repeat Act 1 Scene3
Brenda----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Shelly-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Lou Ann--------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Velma-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Link------------Plaid Sport Coat Tux Style, Pants Shirt, Tie
Tracy-----------Skirt, Blouse
Penny----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 1
Little Inez-----Repeat Act 1 Scene3
Brad------------Repeat Act1 Scene 3
Fender---------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Sketch---------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
IQ--------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Seaweed------Repeat Act 1 Scene 4
Duane --------Repeat Act 1 Scene 4
Gilbert--------Repeat Act 1 Scene4
Lorraine------Repeat Act 1 Scene 4
Stooie---------Repeat Act1 Scene 4
Dance Chorus:
4 Male------Sport Coat, Pants Shirt, Tie
4 Female--Day Dresses, Petticoats

ACT 1 SCENE 6 Success”

Corney----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 5
Student----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 5
Spritzer----------Repeat Act 1 Scene1
Penny------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 1
Wilbur-----------Repeat Act 1Scene 3
Edna-------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 1 ( add Robe)
Amber-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 5
Brad-------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Tammy----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Fender-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Brenda----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Sketch----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Shelly-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
IQ----------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Lou Ann--------Repeat Act 1 Scene 3
Link-------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 5
Tracy------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 5


Edna------------House Day Dress
Tracy-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 5
Judine-----Matching Glittery Dress
Kamilah---Matching Glittery Dress
Shayna----Matching Glittery Dress
Hot Dog Vendor----Pants, Shirt, Apron, Hat

6 (Women) variety of Day Dresses, Skirts and Blouses,
Sweaters and coats
6 ( Men)  variety of Suits, Sport Coats, Pants, Shirts, Ties
During the song the Women Chorus put on Pink Coats, The Men put on Pink Sport Coats:

Mr. Pinky-------Pink Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie

Edna-----------New Hair Doo, New Flashy Dress
Tracy----------New Flashy Dress to Match Edna

ACT 1 SCENE 8  Dodge Ball

Amber--------Lettered Jumper and Blouse
Shelly--------Lettered Jumper and Blouse
Gym Teacher-Kool Lot Shirt, Blouse Whistle
Tammy------Lettered Jumper and Blouse
Link---------Lettered T-Shirt and Gym Shorts
Fender------Lettered T-Shirt and Gym Shorts
Tracy------Skirt and blouse
Seaweed---Pants and Shirt
Duane------Pants and Shirt
Gilbert-----Pants and Shirt
Penny------Lettered Jumper and Blouse

ACT 1 SCENE 9 The Record Shop

Little Inez---------Day Dress full skirt
Seaweed-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 8
Tracy---------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 8


6 Men---------Pants and Silk Shirts
6 Women----Dressy Dresses

Motormouth------Very High Fashion Pant Dress
Edna----------------Dressy Dress
Velma--------------High Fashion Suit
Wilbur------------Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Bow Tie
Cindy Watkins---Day Dress
Amber-------------Day Dress, Petticoat
Penny-------------Jumper Dress and Blouse
Link--------------Pants, Shirt Short outwear Jacket

Dynamites-------3 Matching Dressy Dresses

4-6 Men----Shirt , Pants Sweaters
4-6 Women-Dresses or Skirts Blouses, Sweaters

ACT 2 SCENE 1 Women’s House of Detention

Matron----------tight Skirt, Blouse, Leather Belt
Velma----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Edna------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Amber----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Little Inez------Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Protesters:Women---Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Motormouth-----Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Hooker #1-------Tight Pant outfit
Hooker #2-------Tight mini Dress
Guard------------Skirt , Blouse, Leather Belt
Wilbur-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Tracy------------Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Penny-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 9

ACT 2 SCENE 2 Har-De-Har Hut

Edna-----------House Day Dress
Wilbur---------PANT AND SHIRT

Act 2 SCENE 3 Tracey’s Jail Cell / Penny’s Bedroom

Link------------Pants, Shirt
Tracy-----------Repeat Act 1 Scene 9
Prudy---------Day Dress
Penny---------Jumper Dress and Blouse
Seaweed------Pant and Shirt

ACT 2 SCENE 4  Motormouth Inspiration

Motormouth--------Long Coat with Dress
Cindy Watkins------Day Dress
Lorraine-------------Day Dress
Penny---------------Repeat Act 2 Scene 4
Little Inez----------Day Dress
Seaweed------------Repeat Act 2 Scene 3
Gilbert-------------Pants, shirt
Tracy--------------Repeat Act 1 Scene9
Link---------------repeat Act 2 Scene 3
Duane-------------Pants, shirt


ACT 2 SCENE 5  Miss Teenage Hairspray” 

Corney-----------Suit, Shirt, Tie
Girls(Councilettes) 6 girls

Pastel Colored Dresses, Petticoats, Covered with Hair Dresser Smocks,--printed on them “ULTRA CLUTCH” with matching chiffon scarves to cover Hair Doos.

Lou Ann
Women Chorus
Women Chorus

Fender----Sport Coat, Pants Shirt, tie
Sketch----Sport Coat Pants, Shirt, Tie
IQ--------Sport Coat, Pants,  Shirt, Tie
Male Chorus---Sport Coat, Pants, Shirt, Tie
Male Chorus---Sport Coat, Pants Shirt, Tie

Velma---Dressy Dress, Petticoat
Wilbur---Disguised mechanic overall jumper and hat
Motormouth----Disguised wearing guard uniform with a riot

Seaweed---Repeat Act 2 Scene 3
Amber-----Dressy Dress, Petticoat
Spritzer---Dressy Dress, Petticoat
Tracy----Dressy Dress
Link----dressy Suit, Shirt, tie
Seaweed-Dressy Suit, Shirt, tie
Penny-----Low cut Strap Dress
Dynamite---Matching Dresses
Duane----Suit, Shirt, Tie
Gilbert---Suit, Shirt, Tie
Lorraine---Dressy Dress
Stooie-----Suit, shirt, Tie
Corney---Dressy Suit, Shirt, Tie
Little Inez----dressy dress
Prudy--------Off the shoulder Dress
Wilbur------Takes off Overalls and reveals,--Plaid tux, Pants, shirt,
Edna--------Show Stopping Long dress
Motormouth-Takes off Guard Uniform--reveals very Dressy Long
Pant Dress.