Into The Woods

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Into The Woods Plot

(As per the Original Broadway Production)

  1. Gray suit - circa, 1900 bow tie
  2. Mysterious Man - Woodland Spirit - rough peasant costume - quick change (comes off in view of audience to reveal narrator
  1. Ragged, low class outfit - early 1800’s (used twice)
  2. 1830’s ball gown, tiara, gloves
  3. 1830’s wedding gown with veil
  1. Peasant costume circa 1500, pants, suspenders, full peasant shirt, knitted hose, short jacket, cap, scarf
  1. Peasant costume, full off white shirt, pants, hose, vest, apron, cap
  2. Adds “hunting jacket” and scarf
  3. Changes hat to baker (chef) hat
Baker’s Wife:
  1. Tan jumper, pale blue blouse, jacket with fur trim, pregnancy padding
  2. Distressed version of jumper
Cinderella’s Stepmother:
  1. 1830’s corset, bloomers, hose, camisole
  2. 1830’s ball gown, gloves, headpiece
  3. 1830’s court dress, gloves, headpiece
  4. 1830’s traveling suit, gloves, hat
  5. Double of witch’s cloak
Florinda (Step Sister)
  1. 1830’s corset, bloomer and hose
  2. 1830’s ball gown, gloves and headpiece
  3. 1830’s traveling suit, gloves, hat
Lucinda (Step Sister)
  1. 1830’s corset, bloomers, and hose
  2. 1830’s ball gown, gloves and headpiece
  3. 1830’s traveling suit, gloves, hat
Jack’s Mother:
  1. Peasant costume, distressed lace bodice over blouse, long skirt, apron, shawl
  2. Bourgeois outfit, nice middle class skirt and blouse, bonnet, apron
Little Red Riding Hood
  1. Deep red skirt and bodice, apron, mob cap, small red floral print bouse
  2. Adds cape made of “wolf skin”
  3. Distressed version of the blouse
  1. Rag dress (ragged version - always worn under cloak)
  2. Hooded ragged cloak
  3. Transformation cape with hood
  4. Transformation dress - magical vision of beauty and youth
  5. Beautiful Sorceress dress
  6. Ornate Sorceress cape
Cinderella’s Father:
  1. Pompous 1830’s outfit: Richly colored swallowtails, striped breeches, fancy neckwear
  2. Distresses inverness style cloak and top hat
Cinderella’s Mother
  1. Empire - style burial gown (she is seen only in spirit form)
  1. Furry, muscled body, fur hood with ears, fur gloves, tail coat, boot spats
  2. Mob cap and nightgown to match grandmother’s
  1. Long, Medieval/Renaissance gown
  2. Rigged wig
Rapunzel’s Prince:
  1. Green velvet uniform coat, breeches, medals, sash at waist, small cape, boot tops
  2. Same costume, very distresses (after wandering blind through the desert), needs bandage for eyes
  1. Night gown and mob cap
  2. Simple printed country dress, shawl, bonnet
Cinderella’s Prince:
  1. Blue tail uniform, gloves
  2. Adds hat for wedding
Snow White:
  1. Red cape, Dress in blue, red and yellow
Sleeping Beauty:
  1. Pink medieval gown and headpiece
  1. Double breasted pigeon coat, pants tricorn hat
  2. Long cloak and gloves