Jekyll and Hyde

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Jekyll and Hyde Plot


Prologue Limbo


SCENE I Hospital Ward

Jekyll/Danvers/ ”Father” (one of the older gentlemen)/Nurse (Christina)

SCENE 2 London Street


Utterson, Danvers, Savage, Stride, Proops, Glossop, Bishop, Lady B, Emma, Lucy, Nellie (Janai), “Newsboy” (Michael Baker) + various street people

SCENE 3 Hospital Operating Theatre

Jekyll, Utterson, Danvers, Savage, Proops, Glossop, Lady B, Stride, Bishop, Orderly

TRANSITION Limbo (“Façade”) ALL: Emma, (+ Principals from scene I go to party wear) / Christina, Janai, and Shannon change into party dresses, Fabiola becomes the Maid, Louis and Michael Baker go to evening wear, Michael Minarik becomes Butler

SCENE 4 House in Regents Park

Same as above

TRANSITION Limbo (“Façade” reprise) Same (Glossop/Proops/Bishop/Michael M change into “Pub Customers” for next scene/ Janai goes back to “Nellie” costume)

SCENE 5 Outside/Inside the Dregs – Pub in Camden Town

Jeckyll/Utterson/Nellie (scene) Lucy/Nellie/+3 women + Louis & Michael Baker (song “Bring on the Men”) Pub customers / Spider

TRANSITION Limbo (“Façade” reprise) Chorus goes back to Street people wear

SCENE 6 Outside Jekyll’s Lab

Utterson/Jekyll The Lab

“This is the Moment” Jekyll (Possible addition of “Façade” reprise for transition)

SCENE 7 The Dregs

Lucy/Nellie/3 women “Girls of the Night” (“after hours” look: dressing gowns over costumes/street wear, ect)

Spider/3 chorus men as customers/street people/Hyde

SCENE 8 Streets of London

Hyde/Lucy + various street people/Aristocrats

SCENE 9 Jekyll’s Study

Poole – Jekyll’s butler (Louis)

Emma Lucy (in her “pathetic best”)

SCENE 10 Street Outside the Dregs


Spider Christine (as very young prostitute) Hyde


SCENE I Streets of London – “Murder”

ALL – Aristocrats and Street People – Montage (Bishop becomes street person – possibly Policeman) 3 chorus women become Aristocratic/Butler/Maid/Nurse can be re-done/Newsboy

SCENE 2 The Lab


Jekyll Utterson 2 Bedrooms Emma and Lucy contrasting nightgowns/slips

SCENE 3 Outside the Dregs

Lucy and Hyde

SCENE 4 The Lab

Utterson and Hyde/Jekyll

SCENE 5 Lucy’s Room


Lucy Hyde

SCENE 6 The Lab


TRANSITION Streets “Façade” transition Various Aristocrats/Street people

SCENE 7 Danver’s House – The Wedding