The Les Miserables

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The Les Miserables Plot

Prologue – 1814 Dione

Chain Gang

Convicts: Ensemble: 2 piece convict costumes with hats (some with scarves and rag belts)

Soldiers: Blue/red uniform cutaway coats, knickers, , bicorn hat, dickey

Javert: Uniform Tailcoat, shirt, cravat, pants, hat with plume

Valjean: 2 piece convict costume (#24601 on front), hat


Men: Remove convict shirts, add peasant shirts, straw hats, belts or ropes, some with rough vests, leather or bib aprons

Valjean: Adds brown overcoat (removes from satchel)

Women: Assorted skirts, blouses, jackets, aprons, some with straw hats


Ensemble: Remove hats

Innkeeper/Servant: Pants, shirt, leather apron, hat

Bishop: Cassock, yamulka, nightgown (underdress), adds shawl

Bishop’s Sisters: skirts, blouses, aprons, bonnets. Change to nightgowns, caps, shawls

Soldiers (Constables): Repeat Montreuil – Sur – Mer (“At The End Of The Day)

Unemployed Men: Assorted Ragged smocks, jackets, scarves, hats

Unemployed Women: Assorted ragged skirts, blouses, shawls

Factory Men: Shirts, pants, jackets or vests, fishermen’s caps

Factory Women: Skirts, blouses, aprons, dust caps

Fantine: Empire dress, apron, mob cap

Foreman: Pants, vest, jacket, shirt

Valjean: Dark frock coat, brocade vest, pants, shirt, cravat, top hat

Javert: Repeat, add tricorn

"Lovely Ladies"

Men: Assorted pieces to suggest sailors on leave

Pimp: Brocade jacket, vest, pants, shirt, cravat, top hat

Whores: Ragged bright skirts, corsets, camisoles, bloomers, lace gloves, hats, ratty boas

Beggar Women: Ragged dresses with shawls, caps

Fantine: Adds shawl (removes dress to have corset and skirt made out of dress fabric)

Bamatabois: Tailsuit with brocade vest, knickers, top hat, shirt, jabot


Man under cart: Pants, apron, cap, shirt, tie

Ensemble: General peasant clothes

3 Judges: 2 in black robes and hats, 1 in red robe with hat

Javert: Repeat

Valjean: Repeat


Fantine: White nightgown

Javert: Repeat

Valjean: Repeat

2 Nuns: white robes, tabards, white "Flying nun" headdresses

1823 – Montfermeil

Thenardier’s Inn

Young Cosette: Ragged skirt, blouse, bloomers, mob cap

Young Eponine: dress, pantaloons, bonnet

Mme. Thenardier: Skirt, bloomers, peasant blouse, corselette, apron with pockets

Thenardier: Knickers, shirt, bright scarf, distressed uniform coat, large apron, hat

Inn Patrons: Assorted peasant characters – each significant

2 Travelers: Tailsuits, top hats, mufflers

Valjean: Change to vest

Young Cosette: Dress with lace collar, straw bonnet (Valjean dresses her onstage)

1832 – Paris

Beggars: Large coats and rag shawls. Very distressed

Gavroche: Tattered pants, shirt, vest, shawl, cap

Students: Assorted pants, vests, jackets, shirts, cravats (Upper Class)

Thenardier: Adds long distressed coat and vest

Mme. Thenardier: Dress, ragged shawl

Eponine: Ragged camisole, brocade skirt, bloomers, cap, belt

Brujon: short pants, ragged shirt, vest, belt, cap

Babet: Distressed brocade tailcoat, vest, pants, top hat

Claquesous: Short coat, vest, pants, hat

Montparnasse: Tailcoat, vest, pants, belt

Enjolras: Tailcoat, pants, brocade vest, shirt, cravat

Marius: Tailcoat, brocade vest, shirt with ruffles, cravat, pants

Valjean: Repeat

Cosette: Dress with lace collar, bonnet

Constables: Repeat

Javert: Repeat

ABC Café

Students: Assorted pants, brocade vests, jackets, shirts, cravats (Upper Class)

Marius and Enjolras: Repeat

Act I Finale

All: Repeat

Enjolras: Add red vest with gold boullion

Javert: Tailcoat, pants, vest, tricorn



Students: All repeat, removing jackets, adding some aprons, tricorns, etc.

Eponine: (Disguise) Pants, camisole, long overcoat, boy’s cap

Ensemble Women: Skirts, blouses, bonnets, tricolors

Valjean: Add blue and red uniform jacket

Eponine: Adds bloody version of camisole

Javert: Repeat

The Sewers

Thenardier: Repeat


Women: Repeat skirts, blouses, aprons, mob caps, bonnets “Empty Chairs”

Marius: Black overcoat over black tailcoat, pants, white brocade vest, cravat Wedding

Men: Black tailcoats, pants, white brocade vests, cravats

Women: Assorted hoop gowns, feathered hairpieces, bloomers

Major Domo: Livery

Cosette: Wedding hoop gown, veil

Thenardier: Cutaway coat, pants, brocade vest

Mme. Thenardier: Hoop dress, camisole, bloomers

Valjean’s Death

Valjean: Black pants, white shirt

Marius and Cosette: Repeat

Eponine: Repeat “not bloody” version of last COSTUME WORLD

Fantine: Repeat nightgown


Marius, Cosette, Fantine, Eponine, Thenardier, Mme. Thenardier: Repeat last costumes

All others: Repeat Finale Act I costumes