The Producers

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The Producers Plot

"Shubert Alley" -Act One, Scene One

Two Usherettes - Uniforms and hats.

Theatre Patrons

Males: Single breasted tuxedo and pants, shirt, Red vest, black cape, fedora.

Females: Floor length gowns, gloves.

Blind Violinist & 3 Bums - (1 Female) Distressed rags

Usherettes - Add coats and hats

Two Nuns - Habits, veils, collar, etc.

Two Hookers - Flashy dresses, etc.

Street Cleaner - Pants, shirts, belt, gloves, hat.

Waitress - Uniform, apron, hat, sweater.

Policeman - Uniform, belt, hat.

Newspaper Man - Pants, shirt, vest, hat.

Workman - Jumpsuit, hat

Stagehand - Pants, shirt, hat, jacket.

Max's Office-Act One, Scene Two

Max - Remove tuxedo jacket, cape, hat, add burgundy velvet smoking jacket and scarf.

Leo - Two piece gray suit, white shirt, tie, and overcoat.

Hold Me, Touch Me - Purple lace dress, hat, gloves.

Accountant Office of Whitehall & Marks - Act One, Scene Three

Leo - Repeat, add black satin top hat and cane, opera scarf.

Mr. Marks - Three piece suit, shirt, and tie.

Accountants - Pants, shirts, ties, black sleeve guard, visors.

Producer Girls - Gold leotards, gauntlets, headpieces, chokers.

1 Ugly Producer Girl - Same as others.

Max's Office-Act One, Scene Four

Max - Repeat

Leo - Repeat

Max's Office-Act One, Scene Five

Max - Repeat, changes to black jacket and hat.

Leo - Repeat minus suit jacket.

An Apartment Rooftop-Act One, Scene Six

Max - Repeat

Leo - Repeat

Franz - Henley undershirt, plaid flannel shirt, knee socks, lieder hosen, army helmet.


Roger DeBri's Apartment- Act One, Scene Seven

Carmen Ghia - Black turtleneck and stretch pants, silver pendant.

Roger - Chrysler Building dress, headpiece

Kevin - Purple suit, lavender shirt, print tie and handkerchief.

Bryan - Black leather jacket pants, harness.

Scott - Lavender shirt-tied as halter, stretch pants, print neck scarf.

Shirley - Flannel shirt, jeans, tool belt with cable.

Saber - Chiffon harem pants, turban, necklace, bracelets, ankle bracelets.

Sailor - White uniform, tie, hat.

Indian - Loin cloth, boots, headdress.

Motorcycle Policeman - White jodhpurs and shirt, ascot, black leather Jacket, helmet.

Max's Office-Act One, Scene

Max - Repeat, then changes to black velvet coat.

Leo - Repeat with Indian headdress from previous scene.

Ulla - White dress with scarf, white overcoat.

Little Old Lady Land-Act One, Scene 9

Old Ladies - Lace dresses, hats, gloves, bloomers.

Max - Repeat.

Leo - Repeat.

Policeman - Repeat I-1

Ulla - Red day dress.

Shirley - Repeat.

Kevin - Repeat.

Bryan - Repeat.

Scott - Repeat.

Franz - Repeat.

Carmen Ghia - Repeat.

Roger - Tan pants, purple turtleneck, black velvet jacket.

Max's Office-Act Two, Scene One

Max - Repeat black suit, change tie and pocket scarf.

Leo - Black suit, white shirt, tie.

Ulla - Blue trick dress, apron.

A Bare Stage-Act Two, Scene Two

Max - Repeat.

Leo - Repeat.

Ulla - Repeat.

Carmen Ghia - Black tee shirt, black stretch pants, black shinny shirt.

Roger - Brown pants, tan vest, shirt, ascot.

Franz - Tan pants, khaki shirt, overcoat, helmet.

Auditioneers - Assorted pants, shirts, vests, jackets, some with armbands.

Jack - Brown suit, shirt, tie, swastika armband.

Donald - Pants, shirt, tie, long sleeve argyle sweater, swastika armband.

Jason - Black/Red Nazi uniform, spiked helmet, swastika armband.

Shubert Alley-Act Two, Scene 3

Max - Black tuxedo, shirt, tie, repeat black cape & fedora for I.

Leo - Black tuxedo, shirt, tie.

Carmen Ghia - Black Nehru jacket, pants.

Roger - Black glitter tuxedo, shirt, tie.

Franz - Repeat, add khaki tie.

Franz's Driver - Overcoat, helmet.

Usherettes - Repeat I-1.

Ulla - Blue coat, hat.

Two Showgirls - Coats, hats.

Sign man - Coveralls, pork pie hat.

Springtime for Hitler-Act Two, Scene 4

Part I

Females - Bavarian peasant dresses, head pieces.

Males - Lieder hosen, shirts, ties, jackets, Tyrolean hats.

Part II

Male Singer - Black Nazi uniform with jodhpurs..

Four Showgirls - Nude body suits with rhinestones and sheer capes, with feathers, panniers.

Viking - Horned headpiece with braids and shields on panniers.

Beer Stein - Stein headpiece, red draped pannier with stein on each.

Pretzel - Pretzel headpiece, pretzels on each pannier, beaded apron.

Sausage - Sausage headpiece, sausages draped on panniers and cape.

Ulla - German eagle head piece with feathers, swastikas on breast, black and silver beaded eagle wings.

Male Dancers - Black jodhpurs, khaki shirts with Nazi insignias, black ties, black shoulder harness belts, red hats with black bills.

Female Dancers - Same as males except black hot pants.

Roger - Khaki shirt and jodhpurs with Nazi insignias, khaki tie, black harness belt.

Part III

Ulla - Bavarian peasant dress with blue skirt, black bodice, sheer blouse.

Stalin - Two piece grey uniform.

Churchill - Black overcoat, grey striped pants, white dickey with tie, white gloves, black hat.

Roosevelt - Khaki military, jacket, shirt, tie, black overcoat, red/white/blue plaid blanket draped over legs.

Part IV

Six Soldiers - Black Nazi uniforms with jodhpurs, khaki shirts, black ties, black hats…all attached to life size puppets (1on each side).

Ulla - Silver and black beaded tailcoat, trunks and top hat.

Tanks - Two girls in model tanks with helmets.

Max's Apartment-Act Two, Scene Five

Max - Repeat II-3.

Leo - Repeat II-3.

Roger - Repeat II-3.

Carmen Ghia - Repeat II-3.

Franz - Repeat II-3 with leg cast on left leg.

Police Sergeant & Three Policemen - Navy blue uniforms and hats.

Ulla - Blue evening gown.

New York City Courthouse-Act Two, Scene Six

Max - Repeat..minus coat and tie.

Guard - Uniform.

New York City Courtroom-Act Two, Scene Seven

Max - Add jacket.

Judge - Black robe.

Policemen - Repeat.

Little Old Ladies - Repeat.

Stenographer - Beige suit, blouse.

Leo - White suit and tie with tropical print to match Ulla's dress.

Ulla - Tropical print dress with matching hat, gloves, purse.

Prison-Act Two, Scene Eight

Male Prisoners - Two pieced black and white stripped uniforms and hats.

Prison Guard - Repeat II-6.

Max - Two piece prison uniform and hat.

Leo - Two piece prison uniform and hat.

***Max and Leo's - must go over previous costumes.

Girls - Sequin/beaded stripped prison uniforms and hats, ball and chain.

Franz - Prison uniform and hat, two leg cases.

Male Prisoners - Change to sequin/beaded striped uniforms and hats.

Ulla - Same as girls.

Roger - Silver/grey prison guard uniform with jodhpurs, hat riding crop.

Three Stenographers - Black/silver suits,satin blouses and ties.

Leo - Changes to double breasted tuxedo.

Max - Changes to double breasted tuxedo and fedora and gives fedora to Leo, white carnations on tuxedos.