The Wizard of Oz

This costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock. To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.


The Wizard of Oz
Adapted by Frank Gabrielson

(A farm in Kansas in the 1940’s and the Land of Oz, once upon a time) This outline is based on what we feel is necessary to the script. You may select only those costumes you feel you need, request additional changes or suggest completely different ensembles. Actor size and inventory fluctuation may cause us to vary slightly from the descriptions below.

Dorothy Cale: A young girl

A dress that appears to be a gingham pinafore over a white blouse. It is youthful, knee length and usually in blue and white (1940). White tights

The Scarecrow:

Jacket, belt, pants, soft pointed felt hat, headpiece of flesh color fabric that drawstrings at the neck but leaves face open. Garments are colorful, patched and have drawstring wrists and ankles.

The Tin Woodman:

Silver gray jacket, pants. Tin sleeveless tunic and funnel hat (note: this costume is relatively plain and nowhere near as intricate as the suit used in the movie version)

The Cowardly Lion:

Beige furry body with long tail, headpiece with generous curly haired main and open face.

Sorceress of the North:

A Good Witch Very spangled floor length dress, petticoat, crown. Usually in pink.

Witch of the East:

A Baddie Black floor length dress with dark shimmery spots, very large black witch’s hat with trailing veil, petticoat.

Shrinking Witch of the West:

A child’s size close duplicate of the above garments.

Visiting Witches One and Two:

Also baddies (Each) Very similar to Witch of the West


A Skeleton Black leotard and tights with white bone motif, a rubber pull over head painted as a skull.

The Wizard of Oz: A sideshow magician:

Frock or tail coat, pants, brightly patterned vest, boiled collar shirt, cravat, old battered top hat

Oz People:

(Including a private, some generals, an old lady, Lord Growlie a courtier, Gloria - his 20 year old daughter, Gloria’s friends, Ozmas, a servant, another servant, other Oz people):

(Each) Various costumes suitable to their stations in life - all in shades of green. The women will have floor length skirts.

Munchkins: (Including Mayor, Farmer and others):

(Each) Various costumes suitable to their stations in life - all in bright vivid color combinations with ruffles and scallops to suggest a picture book quality. The males will usually have knee pants - the women will have floor length skirts.


(Each) Green leotard, green tights, a short jerkin with attached hood that has a branch and leaf motif. In motion their soft "branches"will whip around randomly; at rest they appear to be strange weeping willows.

Aunt Em:

Dorothy’s Aunt A housedress and apron (1940’s)

Uncle Henry:

Dorothy’s Uncle: Work shirt, overalls (1940)

Jose’ A farmhand (and other farmhands) (Each) Shirts and overalls (1940’s)