Please Note: The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of the production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock. To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.



Skimmer, light colored suit, shirt, tie

Overcoat with fur collar, fur hat

Dark suit, hat


New Rochelle dress, hat

Gardening apron, gardening hat, gardening gloves

Overcoat, fancy hat

Fancy day dress, hat

Dark mourning dress, hat

Younger Brother:

Skimmer, light colored suit, shirt, bowtie

Dark suit and hat

Dark overcoat

Little Boy Edgar:

Period boy’s sailor suit

Light pants, waist coat, shirt, cap (wear with knickers from sailor suit)


Skimmer, light colored suit, shirt, bowtie

Dark suit, hat


Derby, bright suit, vest, shirt, tie, arm garters

Darker colored suit, shirt, ies

Light weight overcoat for driving and cap


Cap, shabby suit coat, collarless shirt, pants, vest, neckerchief

Shabby overcoat

Jacket, shirt, ascot, beret, jodphurs

Sanford White:

3 piece frock or cutaway suit with shirt, ascot, top hat

Harry Thaw:

Skimmer, 3 piece suit, shirt, narrow tie

Henry Ford:

3 piece sit, shirt, narrow tie, homberg


3 piece dark suit, white shirt, tie

Men’s one piece period bathing sit
Straight jacket

Booker T. Washington:

Dark 3 piece suit, shirt, bowtie

JP Morgan:

Frock suit, vest, shirt, ascot

Admiral Perry:

Naval uniform, officer hat

Dark 3 piece suit, shirt, bowtie

Matthew Henson:

Pea coat, toboggan hat, shirt, work pants

Brigt wuit, shirt, vest, bowtie


Judicial robe

Little Girl:

Peasant dress with petticoat, pinafore, headscarf

Fancy child dress and hairbow


Maid outfit with cap and pinafore

Blouse, skirt, petticoat, belt

Lightweight overcoat, travel hat

Sarah’s friend:

Bright day dress, hat

Emma Goldman:

Hat, dark tailored suit or skirt and blouse

Evelyn Nesbit:

Feather headpiece, showgirl outfit with bloomers, gloves


Maid outfit with cap and pinafore


Maid outfit with cap and pinafore

New Rochelle people:

Light colored suits or dresses with hats

Harlem people:

Bright suits or dresses with hats; men also need overcoats


Men: suit coats, collarless shirts, vest, pants, neckerchiefs

Women-dress or skirt and blouse, shawl, apron

Sob sisters:

High neck blouse and skirt, small hat


Showgirl outfits similar to Evelyn

Ship hands:

Pea coat and knit hat, rough pants, shirt


Bobby hat, uniform with badge

Ford workers:

Smocks or aprons, caps or scarves


Hat, uniform


Fire helmet, Henley, suspenders, pants


Uniform hat, jacket gloves, pants

Baseball fans:

Suits or jackets and pants, assorted styles of hat


Clowns suits worn with suit coats

Couples on the boardwalk: 

Edwardian well dressed with hats