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Costume Plot

This costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock. To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.

Austria – Early 1938:

Act I, Scene 1 – Nonnberg  Abbey

Nuns: Black habits, wimples, veils, etc.

Novices: Same as Nuns, only white veils

Postulates: Calf length black dresses, black short capes, veils with white band at top

Act I, Scene 2 – Mountainside near the Abbey

Maria, Bertha, Sophia: Dress as Postulants

Margarett: Nuns habits

Act I, Scene 3 – Office of Mother Abbess

Mother Abbess: Habit

Act I, Scene 4

All repeat

Act 1, Scene 5 – Living Room of Trapp Villa, that afternoon

Capt. Von Trapp: Casual blazer coat, trousers

Franz: Daytime butlers livery, apron, vest, trousers

Frau Schmidt: Housekeepers dress, apron

Maria: Dated, unattractive dress, hat, large carpet bag

Gretyl, age 6: White sailor dress, white hose

Marta, age 7: same

Louisa, age 13:            same

Brigitte, age 9: same

Liesl, age 16: same

Kurt, age 11: White sailor suits, short pants style

Friederich, age 14:     same

Act 1, Scene 6 – Outside Villa, that night

Liesl: Repeat

Rolf: Tyrolean pants, shirt, hat, stut-en and tie

Act 1, Scene 7 – Maria’s bedroom, later that evening

Maria: Robe over nightgown

Girls: Identical nightgowns

Boys: Identical pajamas

Frau Schmidt: Repeat

Liesl: Optional change to a smudged duplicate of dress I – 6

Act 1, Scene 8 – A Hallway in the Villa

All repeat

Act I, Scene 9 – Terrance of Villa

Franz: Same, remove apron

Elsa: Styled morning dress, can be skirt and blouse

Capt. Von Trapp: Daytime change possibly to Tyrolean flavor

Ursula: Tyrolean maids uniform

Max: Dapper, sporty attire

Girls: Outfits made from curtains in Scene 1 – 7, then back to sailor


Rolf: Repeat

Maria: Attractive peasant costume with skirt, blouse, bodice & apron

Act 1, Scene 10 – Hallway in Vila a week later

Female guests: Ballgowns, gloves, headpieces

Male guests: Tail suits, Bavarian uniforms or Tyrolean dress costume

Capt. Von Trapp: Tail suit

Baron Everfeld: Tail suit

Max: Tail suit with top coat

Franz: Formal butler livery

Maria: Another peasant dress

Elsa: Elegant ball gown, gloves, hair piece

Girls: Party dresses, boys, blue suits

Act I, Scene 11 – Corridor in Abbey

Nuns: Repeat

New Postulant: Nice suit or dress

Act 1, Scene 12 – Office of Mother Abbess

Nuns, Maria: All Repeat

Act II, Scene 1 – The terrace, same day

Max: Another dapper suit

Girls: Peasant costume

Boys: Tyrolean trousers, shirt, stutzen

Capt. Von Trapp: Dapper suit or sports clothes

Elsa: Another afternoon dress

Maria: Wears postulant dress of 1-11

Franz: Repeat

Act II, Scene 2 – Corridor in Abbey

Postulants, Nuns: Repeat

Mother Abbess: Add ceremonial cape

Act II , Scene 3 – Office of the Mother Abbess

Maria: Wedding dress

Act II , Scene 4 – A Cloister Overlooking Chapel

Girls: Dressed as flower girls, color your choice, flower headpieces

                                    and flowers for hair.

Boys: Repeat party suits

Capt Von Trapp: Full dress admiral’s uniform and hat, sword

Nuns: Repeat

Act II , Scene 5 – The living room a month later

Girls: Peasant costume

Boys: Tyrolean costume

Herr Seller: Black suit with Nazi emblem on sleeve

Frau Schmidt: Repeat, or optional change

Max: Repeat

Franz: Repeat

Rolf: Repeat

Capt. Von Trapp: Conservative suit

Maria: Travel suit, change to peasant dress if time permits

Von Schreiber: German admiral uniform

Act II , Scene 6 – The Concert Hall

Capt. Von Trapp: Change coat only by adding Tyrolean coat

Maria: Add apron, cap to peasant costume

Girls: Repeat, add same style apron as Maria’s and cap

Boys: Add Tyrolean coats and hats

Max: Repeat tail suit

Female Trio: Peasant costumes

Fraulein Schweiger: Very garish evening gown, head plume

SS Men: German uniforms

Rolf: German uniform

Act II , Scene 7 – Garden of Abbey

Maria: Add cape

Capt and children: Add capes

Rolf: Repeat 2 – 6

All others: Repeat