Spongebob the Musical

Spongebob the Musical

IMPORTANT!  PLEASE NOTE:  The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock.  To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.

Time-Today and hopefully tomorrow

City of Bikini Bottom under the Sea

SpongeBob- -yellow shirt, red tie, suspenders, plaid trousers

Sandy Cheek-white jumpsuit or two piece track -like outfit-daisy flower for hair

Patrick-shirt worn open over tee shirt- shades of pink and green/blue. Adds crown like hat and cape with stars for his number with the sardines

Eugene Krabs-shirt and pants-wears boxing gloves – and a dress that is Pearls

Pearl Krabs-outfit ala cheerleader in lavender and white with “P” on front like a varsity letter

Plankton-green/black suit -eyepatch

Karen the computer-silver dress and tights-very space girlish

Mayor-outlandish dress or suit with hat

Larry the Lobster- red muscle chest top with Bermuda shorts bottom-red gloves, red tights-headpiece

Squidward-green 4 legged pants and short sleeved polo shirt-for the I’m not a Loser #-top hat, embellished tailcoat, vest, bow tie, shirt

Old Man Jenkins-shirt, suspenders, pants, bowtie, cardigan sweater

Patrick’s devotees (Sardines) green robes with star motif-pink caps

Krabby Patty mascot-hamburger costume with headpiece and tights

Anemones-Squidward’s dancers-pink showgirl costumes with headpieces

Electric Skates band-each dressed differently-rock band attire-very Hard Rocker styles

Pirates including Patchy-various pirate types with hats/coats and or vests/shirts/ sashes/pants/boot tops or stocking-one should be a Pgh Pirate Baseball player-if female can be dressed as male or be dressed as a female pirate

Security guards-uniforms with hats and badges

Johnny the Bartender-blue shirt with vest, pants, and apron 

Perch Perkins, reporter-bright suit, shirt, tie

Mrs. Puff-red ladies’ suit with hat and gloves

Plankton’s hip hop dancers-all green outfits (male and female)

Girl Fish Trio-all dressed alike

French narrator-deep sea diving costume or scuba attire with goggles and flippers and mask

Cowboy fish-add cowboy hats and bandanas to their regular fish costumes

Sea creatures and Bikini Bottom residents-an array of individual costumes in bright colors with headpieces-if the fish have specifics, the costume will present that specific in style and color

Foley Artist Fish-fish costume that allows movement- with vest like a stagehand type fish

BFF’s-3 letter costumes in bright colors-male or female

NOTE: wigs and other accessories not listed are available for purchase-pleas inquire.