Gomez Addams

  1.  Chalk stripe suit with white shirt, black tie, pocket square
  2.  For dinner-black double breasted tuxedo jacket, tuxedo trousers, suspenders, formal shirt, black bowtie and cummerbund, white pocket square

2-5) remove tuxedo jacket. Add smoking jacket

2-10) add bullfighter cape with red lining

Finale) repeat tuxedo from 1-5, add black beret

Morticia Addams

  1.  classic long vamp dress that bustles up for tango, black dance trunks

1-5) add small half apron (remove by 1-8)

2-9) Park Bench-add small black shoulder cape

Finale) Add black or purple floppy hat

Wednesday Addams

  1.  Short mid thigh length black dress long sleeved with white collar and cuffs, black dance trunks

1-5) Same style dress in yellow

2-9) add coordinated coat or jacket

Finale) short white bridal gown and veil

Pugsley Addams

  1. Black white pull over and black shorts

1-5) adds bout scout scarf (remove by 1-10

2-7) bedroom striped pjs-revert for 1st costume for finale

Grandma Addams

1-1)dark unstructured dress, poncho over piece, fingerless mitts

1-5) remove poncho-add red cross apron and veiled hat

1-12) remove red cross pieces for dinner-after dinner add poncho again


  1. Black suit with sleeves too short, suspenders, white shirt, black bowtie

Uncle Fester

  1.  Ankle length coat, dark trousers- if needed fat pad
  2. Underdressed black and white horizontal stripe 2 pc. Bathing suit- after 1-4 revert to 1st costume

2-10) add aviator goggles, scarf and helmet

Lucas Beineke (in love with Wednesday)

Blue blazer, white dress shirt, striped tie, khaki pants

Mal Beineke (Lucas’s father)

light colored 3 pc suit, tie, white dress shirt

trench coat with belt

Alice Beineke (Lucas’s mother)

Dress with jacket- yellow print

Trench coat with belt that covers dress

Bathing Beauties

Bright colored old fashioned style with mobcap

Change to black and white old fashioned style with mobcap

Grim Reaper

Traditional black hooded robe

Change to grey version


1st look jewel tones 

Change to white and grey versions

Greco Roman Woman, puritan woman, empire woman, crinoline woman, saloon girl , Gibson girl, 1910 woman, flapper, airline stewardess, caveman, roman soldier, Elizabethan man, cavalier man, empire man, 1860 man, 1890 man, soldier, Indian (other costumes available)