This costume outline is merely a suggestion. You may select only those costumes you feel you need, request additional changes, or suggest completely different ensembles. Actor size and inventory fluctuation may cause us to vary slightly from the descriptions below.


 (Alice Beane)

1)     Chambermaid-gray uniform with CB Velcro, black coat with velcro, plain hat

All worn over dress 2

2)     Royal blue dress with tiered skit and matching overcoat, large black hat with plumes. Lovely shawl to add for walking the deck in scene 3

3)     Paisley dress and sweater for 15(“lady’s Maid”)

4)     Powder blue circle skirt with patterned sweater, white fur collar, white angora tam and blue print gloves for I8a

5)     Striped pajamas, kimono robe and head wrap

6)     Life jacket

 (Ida Strauss)

1)     Light orange skirt and donegal wool overcoat and dark red muffler, knit hat as

German immigrant. May be worn over #2

2)     Black skirt and coat bodice with large black straw hat with veil as (Ida Strauss)

3)     Black evening gown for scene 13 c. Plume hair decoration

4)     Striped blouse, blue shawl plus orange skirt worn at top of show for 15

5)     18 a repeat two piece boarding costume or just skirt with black coat and red plaid scarf. Small black hat.

6)     Off white lace nightgown with black and persimmon robe

7)     Nightgown with shawl from 15 for 3rd class “Wake up” sleep cap or bonnet

8)     Life jacket

 (Kate McGowen)

1)     Olive green skirt white petticoat and camisole, off white blouse, taupe coat

with black trim, plain hat

2)     Light blue evening gown with hair plume for 13c as 1st class passenger

3)     Add green cardigan for “Lady’s Maid”, 15

4)     Lilac circle skirt, green sweater vest and print blouse with purple tam and mittens for 18a

5)     Repeat #3 ensemble

6)     Petticoat and camisole with black and blue print wrapper. Returns to #3 for second half of Act II with life jacket

 (Kate Mullins)

1)     Darlene wears a yellow and brown plaid skirt, white high neck dickie and linen duster with velcro closure and small straw hat. This is worm over chambermaid dress and over petticoat and skirt for #3

2)     Gray chamber maid dress and navy overcoat with velcro closure, striped hat

3)     Black and celery striped skirt and matching bodice with petticoat

4)     Lavender evening gown and hair ornament as 1st class passenger

5)     Return to full #3 without outerwear for 15

6)     Red/yellow/blue plaid circle skirt with blue and red crepe jacket top, red beret and gloves as Miss DaMico 18a

7)     Return to #5 for end of Act I

8)     Long nightgown and persimmon robe over petticoat and camisole for 2nd class passenger “Wake Up”.

9)     Remove robe and nightgown, add shawl from top of show as Mullins “Wake Up” return to #3 plus life jacket for second half of Act II

 (Kate Murphy/Madeline Astor)

1)     Gray Chambermaid dress and black overcoat (velcro closure), plain hat. She will wear part of #2 under this

2)     Navy skirt and petticoat combination under high-necked side front opening coat. Hat and scarf

3)     Shiny blue cape with center front zipper, with pregnancy pad beneath. Over Murphy’s skirt. Huge dark blue hat.

4)     Return to #2 for end of Scene I

5)     Brown velvet and gold chiffon maternity gown over pregnancy pad, hair bauble. (As Mrs. Astor I3c)

6)     Navy skirt and petticoat with gray striped blouse and shawl for I5

7)     Celery green empire style dress, with empire donegal wool jacket and smaller celery green hat. Worn with maternity padding. I8a

8)     Return to Murphy for end of Act I

9)     Peach and lavender robe with center form zipper worn with pregnancy padding over 3rd class nightgown. Sleep bonnet

10) 3rd class nightgown and shawl from I5

11) Life Jacket worn until the end of the show, she will alternate between nightgown and coat #2 (as Murphy) with life jacket and #3 cape and padding (as Astor)

 (Charlotte Cardoza)\

1)     Navy topcoat over gray chambermaid dress, straw hat. (As Mrs. Crawford) worn over black 3rd class dress and 2nd class skirt and 1st class blouse

2)     Black dress over 2nd class skirt with wine overcoat and shawl, babushka (polish jew)

3)     Green and off-white skirt and matching jacket with 1st class blouse and removable green neck bow. Large hat to match

4)     Red all-in-one dress and coat with fur trim worn over high-necked blouse, huge black and red hat, and fur wrap, sunglasses. Repeat minus fur and hat and glasses for I2 with Ismay.

5)     Orchid evening gown and chiffon drape with hair bauble. I3c

6)     Black dress, shawl and babushka for I5.

7)     Cream and black suit with dickie, small matching hat, and sunglasses for 18a “Rag”

8)     Magenta and orange cut velvet evening gown. Hair ornament

9)     3rd class nightgown to go over dress #8, plus babushka

10) Add orange satin coat and life jacket

 (Mme. Aubert)

1)     Gray dress for chambermaid, Mrs. Robinson dark blue coat, simple hat.

2)     Tan overcoat, paisley skirt, muffler, hat as Italian peasant 3rd class

3)     Bright lilac 2-pc walking suit with hobble skirt and fur trim, large lilac hat and fur throw as Aubert 1st class

4)     For I3c wine sheer dress with gold embroidery over a peach under dress, hair bauble, gloves

5)     Black and gray striped skirt and aqua embroidered blouse with gray cardigan and white petticoat

6)     Black and white floral suit with high neck white blouse, black cocoon coat with monkey fur trim and small black stray hat, gloves for I8a

7)     Pink satin nightgown and pink georgette robe over all

8)     White nightgown with high collar to go over pink Aubert nightgown for 3rd class “Wake Up”

9)     Silver fur cape over evening gown from I3c and life belt

 (Marion Thayer)

1)     Gray chambermaid dress for Mrs. Beachum, plain hat worn over Thayer’s gray skirt

2)     Light blue dress with high necked Dickie and overcoat with hat for French immigrant worn over Thayer’s gray skirt

3)     Navy blue dress with previous high necked dickie and jacket with hat worn over Thayer’s gray skirt

4)     Gray skirt with matching jacket, fur wrap and large hat with veil

5)     I3c green lace evening gown with floral beaded trim and hair ornament

6)     Blue dress and sweater for I5 (French peasant)

7)     I8a “Rag” return to Thayer’s gray suit with Magenta and black jacket and small green and magenta hat

8)     Maroon peignoir for “Wake Up”, with sleep cap

9)     3rd class granny nightgown worn under peignoir plus sleep bonnet

10) Return to Peignoir with life jacket and coat from I8a

 (Eleanor Widener)

1)     Gray chambermaid dress with velcro closure black overcoat, simple hat. Worn over 3rd class yellow/black skirt and blue second class skirt and 2nd class high-necked blouse.

2)     Yellow black skirt and overcoat, plain hat 3rd class Italian immigrant

3)     Blue skirt with matching jacket and white high-necked blouse. Large hat

4)     Peach and tan dress and matching coat with large brown checked hat with pheasant feather decoration

5)     I3c pink lace and faille evening gown with balloon skirt and gold and dark pink trim and a hair ornament

6)     I5 return to yellow/black skirt, now with petticoat and cream blouse and shawl

7)     I8a dress half of #4 with yellow and brown fur coat. With small hat

8)     Lace nightgown and pink robe, flannel nightgown underneath, sleep cap

9)     Flannel nightgown and shawl as 3rd class “Wake Up”, sleep bonnet

10) Life jacket worn over nightgown and robe with yellow coat from I8a

 (Stewardess A)

1)     Black stewardess dress with overcoat and plain hat. Worn over 3rd and 2nd class skirts and high necked blouse

2)     3rd class mauve and wine houndstooth plaid skirt, high necked blouse, tan overcoat, babushka large scarf (all worn over 2nd class skirt)

3)     2nd class yellow and green striped shirt with matching green coat and same high necked blouse, large hat.

4)     Return to stewardess

5)     Full stewardess uniform with apron cuffs collar and hat

6)     Return to mauve and wine skirt, floral high necked blouse, petticoat and sweater

7)     I8a as stewardess seen at top of show #1

8)     Rose nightgown with zipper up the back as 2nd class “Wake Up” petticoat and camisole for 3rd class underneath

9)     Petticoat and camisole with wine wrapper and don stewardess uniform for II2

10) Life jacket and stewardess overcoat

 (Stewardess B)

1)     Overcoat and black uniform with plain hat over yellow/orange 2nd class skirt and high necked blouse

2)     Wine dress (zip up CB) and purple cape, shawl and head wrap as Italian immigrant worn over 2nd class skirt and blouse

3)     Yellow/orange skirt and matching jacket with high-necked blouse. Large hat

4)     Return to stewardess

5)     Full stewardess uniform with collar, cuffs, hat and apron I3c

6)     Tiered rose colored skirt and petticoat, taupe distressed blouse with apron for I5

7)     Stewardess in #1 for I8a

8)     Cuddle skin nightgown and maroon robe with ball fringe and sleep cap as 2nd class “Wake Up”

9)     Remove robe and add high necked nightgown to cover 2nd class night gown and babushka

10) Return to #8 “look”

11) Life jacket over #1 “look”




 (Captain Smith)

1)     Navy trousers, wing collar shirt, long black tie, scrambled eggs hat, long tunic/coat

2)     Shorter coat and bow tie for dinner I3c

3)     No life belt

 (1st Officer Murdoch)

1)     Navy trousers, rounded collar shirt, long black tie, short tunic with two stripes, hat

2)     2nd class passenger, taupe plaid suit with cream vest sewn in. Change to gold tie.

3)     Return to #1

4)     No life belt

 (2nd Officer Lightholler)

1)     Navy trouser, rounded collar shirt, long black tie, short tunic with one stripe, hat.

2)     2nd class passenger, black and gray herringbone suit with cream and blue tattersall vest sewn in, blue tie to change

3)     Return to #1

4)     Scene I8a DaMico, mustard plaid trousers, striped shirt with white rounded collar. Blue tie and red cardigan, stocking cap and gloves

5)     Return to #1

6)     No life belt

 (Henry Etches)

1)     Black trousers, black wing collar shirt, black bow tie, black vest with gold buttons, black chesterfield coat and hat, white gloves

2)     3rd class passenger, re-use black trousers, black and white herringbone coat and beret as French immigrant

3)     Return to #1

4)     As 2nd class steward, maroon jacket

5)     As 3rd class steward, white cooks tunic with gold buttons

 (Bruce Ismay)

1)     3-pc matching navy blue suit, rounded collar shirt and striped tie

2)     Tuxedo jacket, black trousers, black vest and black bow tie, wing collar shirt

3)     Return to #1 or light blue/gray double breasted suit round collared shirt and tie

4)     Black satin pajamas and yellow and black plaid robe with quilted collar and cuffs


1)     Two piece nave and gray herringbone suit with navy vest, striped shirt with round white collar and navy patterned tie

2)     As Guggenheim, gray/green wool coat with opera scarf, hat. Glasses

3)     Return to Andrews

4)     I3c as Guggenheim in formal wear, black trousers, wing collar shirt, black brocade vest, black tuxedo jacket, black bow tie

5)     As 3rd class passenger, green trousers, vest and brown striped shirt, kerchief and cap

6)     Return to #1

7)     Yellow and multi striped suit, red/orange vest, round collar shirt and tie

8)     Rust and black dressing gown with cream and rust pajamas

9)     Return to #1

10) Life belt for Guggenheim

 (Barrett, the stoker)

1)     High waist work pants suspender and belt, union suit, striped shirt, pen coat (previously shipped as boat “B”) Navy fisherman’s cap

2)     2nd class passenger, navy two piece suit with red plaid vest & white shirt all in on, add tie, hat, wool muffler

3)     Return to #1 less the pea coat

4)     2nd class passenger in burgundy robe with black lapel and gray dotted pajamas

5)     Return to #1 completely

6)     Life belt

 (Bride, Radioman)

1)     Navy trousers, white round collar shirt, long black tie, short tunic with round braid on the sleeve, hat has an “M” crest for Marconi

2)     As 2nd class passenger, (cost previously shipped as coat “F”) pea green over coat with self fabric buttons and scarf sewn in, hat

3)     Return to #1

4)     Burgundy pajamas and burgundy plaid robe as 2nd class passenger “Wake Up”

5)     Return to #1 less the shirt and tie but with blue striped pajama top instead

6)     Life belt?

(Jim Farrell)

  1. As a stoker green high-waisted work pants with suspenders, Henley, collarless shirt, vest and pea coat (previously shipped as coat “D”) navy cap like Barrett’s
  2. Remove pea coat and hat, add gray and black wool over jacket (previously shipped as coat “G”) and newsie cap
  3. As 1st class passenger, green/tan Norfolk suit with matching vest and blue striped tie and fake add on collar
  4. Return to #2
  5. As 1st class passenger, formal wear, black tux pants, short black tux jacket, black satin vest and bow tie, wing collar shirt
  6. Return to #2 less the outerwear
  7. As 1st class passenger, I8a, return to Norfolk suit trousers, seafoam green pullover, blue scarf and gloves, stocking cap
  8. Return to #6 exactly
  9. Henley and trousers only for “Wake Up”
  10. Return to whole #2

 (Edgar Beane)

  1. Navy trousers, collarless shirt, “White Star Line” sweatshirt, pancake hat
  2. Gray trousers with powder blue vest and jacket, added collar and tie. Opera scarf and boater with dark navy stripe
  3. Gray trousers, vest, suspenders, blue striped oxford cloth shirt, cap as 3rd class in I5
  4. Gray knickers, shirt, aqua tie, turq, teal and gray cardigan, golf cap and knee socks. Opera scarf from #2
  5. Formal wear, black tux jacket, black trousers, black faille vest, wing collar shirt and black bow tie, also a tie-it-yourself tie
  6. Blue striped pajamas and blue striped bath robe
  7. Life belt

 (Isidor Strauss)

  1. Herringbone trousers with suspenders, white shirt, Henley, vest and kerchief, tan denim jacket with green collar, wool cap as Irish immigrant
  2. Charcoal gray cutaway, black wool vest, white shirt, morning striped trousers, fedora and yellow neck scarf.
  3. Black tails, cream brocade vest and cream bow tie, wing collar shirt, black tux pants.
  4. Return to #2 less cutaway and wearing overcoat and wool muffler, fedora
  5. Nightshirt and black and silver robe
  6. 3rd class passenger in thermal nightshirt
  7. Return to #4. Plus life belt

(Fleet, Lookout and Lattimer, waiter)

  1. Navy trousers, collarless shirt, navy “White Star Line” sweatshirt, pancake hat and overcoat
  2. Dark blue two piece suit with gray vest attached to coat, fake round collar and tie to add to collarless shirt. Hat, gloves
  3. Return to Fleet #1
  4. High waisted brown trousers, checked shirt, Henley suspenders, kerchief, headscarf. As stocker I2
  5. Tux trousers, wing collar shirt, black bow tie, white Eton jacket. As Lattimer I3a etc.
  6. Change Eton jacket for high necked chef’s jacket with gold buttons
  7. Return to fleet #1
  8. Lattimer as in #5
  9. Steward as in #6
  10. White and blue ticking striped nightshirt as 3rd class “Wake Up” (which has been hiding under Lattimer and Steward get up
  11. Tapestry dressing gown with blue nightshirt that goes over 3rd class passenger get up for 2nd class II2
  12. Change back to Fleet #1 for scene II5 and to the end
  13. Life belt?

 (J.J. Astor)

  1. Black trousers and peasant shirt with navy double breasted overcoat overall as Hichens
  2. Add slate blue vest and tan denim coat and tyrolian hat as German peasant 3rd class
  3. Remove jacket and add black overcoat with brown fur collar and black homberg as J.J. Astor 1st class
  4. Return to #2
  5. Black tux trousers, wing collar shirt, black tail coat, white pique vest and tie for I3c as Astor
  6. Slate blue vest and shirt from #2 plus wooly gray trousers for I5
  7. I8a blue/green suit with blue window pane plaid and green and blue (black watch) vest, round collar shirt and green tie, muffler and hat (derby0
  8. Return to #5
  9. Burgundy wine robe with quilted collar and turq/brown striped pajamas as Astor for “Wake Up”
  10. Union suit (worn under Astor) for 3rd class “Wake Up”
  11. Return to #9
  12. Life belt

 (John B. Thayer)

  1. Navy trousers, white collarless shirt, navy mandarin collar tunic, hat with crest as engineer bell
  2. Change to huge brown trousers with suspenders and green barn coat with scarf and cap for Italian peasant 3rd class
  3. Strike #2 additions and add black coat with fur collar, scarf, Homberg and gloves as Thayer
  4. Return to #1 plus white lab coat worn unbuttoned and over all as engineer bell in boiler room I2
  5. Black tone on tone stripe tuxedo jacket and matching trousers, black brocade vest and black satin bow tie with white wing collar shirt
  6. Huge brown trousers from #2 plus peasant shirt and black vest for I5
  7. Gray two piece suit with maroon vest, round collar shirt and magenta tie and felt hat for I8a
  8. Return to #5
  9. Green/red/yellow wool plaid robe and black pajamas with white and orange trim
  10.  Cream long johns as 3rd class “Wake Up” worn under black pajamas
  11. Return to #9 for II2
  12. Possibly change to overcoat from robe with life belt

 (George Weidner/J.H.Rogers (Yates))

  1. Gray/navy trousers from 1st class Weidner with fake pant legs over them, wing collar shirt, long black tie, short navy tunic and hat with crest as Boxhall
  2. Keep trousers and shirt, add green herringbone top coat and scarf, and tyrolian hat as German immigrant 3rd class
  3. Strike coat, hat and scarf and add matching suit jacket and vest (sewn together) and new tie hat and gloves as Weidner
  4. Return to 3rd class passenger
  5. Black tailcoat, white tie and vest, wing collar shirt, black tux trousers (Mufti). Medals?
  6. Return to #2 without jacket
  8. Return to tux trousers and wing collar shirt, black ascot (cravat) and maroon smoking jacket for I9g
  9. Cream silk pajamas and Indian blanket style robe
  10. Cream peasant shirt over pajamas for 3rd class “Wake Up”
  11. Return to #8
  12. Life belt

 (Wallace Hartley)

  1. Navy trousers, wing collar shirt and long black tie, short navy tunic and hat with crest
  2. As Wallace Hartley, black tail coat, black satin vest black bow tie, black tux trousers


  1. Black tux trousers, white shirt, dark blue bellboy jacket with gold buttons and pillbox hat, white gloves
  2. Dark olive corduroy pants with suspenders, light olive coat and muffler, cap
  3. Return to #1
  4. I5 repeat the corduroy trousers with thermal shirt and maroon/taupe plaid shirt
  5. Return to #1
  6. Life belt

 (Thayer Jr.)

  1. Gray suit with knee socks, shirt tie and scarf and black cap
  2. Plaid knickers, knee socks, shirt, sweater vest and cardigan and red tie, cap
  3. Blue and white striped pajamas and robe
  4. Add overcoat with life belt

 (Musician #1)

  1. Gray and white pinstriped trousers, Henley, taupe/mauve shirt and corduroy jacket, tan scarf and cap
  2. As Frank Carlson, re-use trousers and add wing collar shirt, matching jacket and tie and scarf
  3. Blue coveralls tie at the waist, sleeveless Henley and kerchief and do-rag as stoker
  4. Return to #1 less the outerwear
  5. As musician, black tux trousers, wing collar shirt, black bow tie, black tail coat and maroon vest
  6. Blue and white striped pajamas, tan robe with black lapels as 2nd class “Wake Up”
  7. Return to #4

 (Musician #2)

  1. Black and gray striped morning trousers, black and white houndstooth vest, cream shirt and gray nubby overcoat and cap
  2. As musician, black tux trousers, wing collar shirt, black bow tie, black tail coat and maroon vest,
  3. Return to #1 less the outerwear
  4. Dark blue pajamas with light blue piping, teal robe with black collar
  5. Return to #2