Costume World, Inc.

CATS -plot

  1. Pouncival-brown/white/gray and black bodysuit with copper/white and black shoulder treatment with tail-brownish tan arm warmers, black/gray and tan stripe design legwarmers
  2. Victoria-white with pastel shading bodysuit with white shoulder treatment with tail-white leg and arm warmers
  3. Cassandra-faded rust bodysuit with tail-pink collar
  4. Jellylorum-yellow/orange bodysuit with copper and brown shoulder treatment with tail-red collar-white/orange/gray legwarmers
  5. Admetus-cream/black/rust airbrushed bodysuit with orange and cream shoulder treatment with  tail-gray with brown stripe armwarmers-brown legwarmers
  6. Exotica-black and gray airbrushed bodysuit with tail
  7. Skimbleshanks-orange and yellow bodysuit with gray and black elbow patches with tail-armwarmers-white/orange and black stripe legwarmers

-brown fur vest with white inset and chain collar with bell

  1. Mr. Mistoffelees-black painted bodysuit with white/black and gray bib with tail-off one off white armwarmer, one black armwarmer-off white and black leg warmers-black sparkle bodysuit with white frilly bib-black sparkle jacket
  2. Gus-gray/brown/black bodysuit with copper/brown shoulder treatment with tail-brown armwarmers-brown legwarmers
  3. Old Deuteronomy-gray tunic top with yarn-gray pants-black bodysuit-long yarn jumpsuit
  4. Mungojerrie-tiger painted bodysuit with orange/brown/cream shoulder and thigh treatment with tail-orange/blue/pink legwarmers-collar-tiger stripe belly shirt
  5. Old Gus-long ratted coat
  6. Bombalurina-red/black/brown bodysuit with black shoulder treatment with tail- red collar-black with gray patches legwarmers
  7. Gumby Cat-gray yarn large body/hat/mittens/boots
  8. False Deuteronomy-yarn cape
  9. Jennyanydots-orange stripe fringed top and pants-yellow/orange bodysuit with orange/yellow/tan shoulder treatment, orange/rust leg and armwarmers, tail
  10. Bustofer Jones-black fur pants with attached white top with fish bib, padding, fur tail coat, tail, white gloves

18.Munkustrap-black and gray bodysuit with tail-cream armwarmers, black legwarmers-black collar

19.Demeter-orange/black and white bodysuit with tail with orange/cream/brown shoulder treatment-collar-orange stripe with black and white legwarmers

  1. Etcetera-orange and black tiger stripe bodysuit with tail with orange/cream/brown shoulder treatment-burgundy with orange stripe armwarmers-gray/orange/brown leg warmers
  2. Jemima-orange with black bodysuit with copper/brown/cream shoulder treatment with tail-burgundy with gray legwarmers
  3. Rumpleteaser-orange/black tiger stripe bodysuit with orange/cream and brown shoulder treatment with tail-brown/blue legwarmers-legwarmers- pearl necklace-orange with black leotard with attached arms and legs

23.Alonzo-black and gray bodysuit with copper/cream/black shoulder treatment with tail-one gray armwarmer-one cream armwarmer-one gray legwarmer-one cream legwarmer

  1. Rum Tum Tugger-black bodysuit with leopard spotted chest inset and wrist and ankle areas with tail-black vest with fur collar with leopard spots-spiked collar-studded belt- motorcycle gloves- arm tie

25.Grizabella-gray and black bodysuit with tail-light gray legwarmers-fur coat with collar -black metallic dress with silver and black leg and arm warmers with black gloves with fingernails

26.Macavity-orange tiger stripe bodysuit with tail-orange and cream legwarmers