Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

This costume outline is merely a suggestion. You may select only those costumes you feel you need, request additional changes, or suggest completely different ensembles. Actor size and inventory fluctuation may cause us to vary slightly from the descriptions below.

Scuttle and the Gulls-2 pc gray outfits with gray chiffon wing effects and cap with feathered trim

Flounder-yellow dress with pink collar

Chefs- white chef hats, white chef coats, black/white scarf, chef pants

Chef Louis-similar to other chefs

Sailors-blue and white stripe shirt or red and white stripe shirt, navy sailor pants, sailor hat, scarf

Maids-dress with white collar and cuffs, apron, headpiece

King Triton-blue brocade over robe with gold trim, gold under robe, headpiece

King Triton- change into purple velvet robe

Mermaids- Ariel and her sisters- assorted blue/teal/green mermaid outfits with headpieces

Ariel human-pink gown and petticoat

Prince Eric-blue military style jacket with gold trim- white pants with gold trim

Carlotta-navy pinstripe housekeeper dress

Grimsky-2 pc green uniform with gray trim-socks-shoe buckles

Jetsom and Flotsom-black jumper-gloves-hat

Ursula-black sequined dress with purple boa tentacles with turquoise collar and cuffs, gloves

Princessess-assorted ball gowns with petticoats, headpieces, gloves

Sebastian-red suits, red derby, shirt, tie, red gloves

Sea Creatures and Starfish- assorted unitard and headpieces with accessories