A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum Plot

Book by: Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart
Music by: Steven Sondheim
Time: 200 years before the Christian Era. A Day in Spring
Place: A street in Rome, in front of the houses of Erronius. Senex and Lycus.

(As designed by Costume World/Paul Favini for Ogunquit/Cape Playhouses productions)

Senex: An Elderly Man
  1. A long sleeved tunic with leggings. Drape/robe and wreath
Domina: Senex’s Wife
  1. Dress and toga suitable for a Roman matron, with palla for traveling in Act One.
  2. Act Two: During the chase, costume identical to the one Philia wears throughout.
Hero, Senex and Dominia’s son: - He’s is in love with Philia
  1. Short, light colored tunic with small shoulder drape.
Hysterium, slave to Senex and Dominia:
  1. Long sleeved tunic of nubby fabric, suitable for slave with leggings (right rear pocket)
  2. Act Two: Before the chase, costume identical to Philia’s.
Psuedolus, slave to Hero:
  1. Tunic of nubby fabric, similar to Hysterium with leggings and small coin pouch.

(Borrows a Eunuch hooded cape for chase)

Philia, a virgin courtesan:
  1. Dress of loose white chiffon or other filmy material with gold tie belt.
Lycus: A buyer and seller of courtesans:
  1. Rich colored toga and drape. Molded laurel wreath
Tintinabula: A Courtesan
  1. Vibrant green tab, hip hugger skirt with matching bra top.
  2. Sheer pastel mourners robe.
Panacea: A Courtesan
  1. Grape decorated bra and bikini, draped sheer overskirt
  2. Sheer pastel mourners robe.
Vibrata: A Courtesan
  1. Animal print bra and bikini with fringed arm and wrist bands, bone hair ornament.
  2. Sheer pastel full length mourners robe.
Gymnasia: A Courtesan
  1. White leather bra with panties, metal bra and chastity belt.
  2. Sheer pastel mourners robe.
The Geminae: Twin Courtesans
  1. Beaded bras and bikinis.
  2. Sheer pastel mourners robe.
Miles Gloriosus: A Warrior
  1. Short tunic under Roman breast plate, crested helmet, greaves
  2. Large red and cream cape with gold scroll decoration.
Erronius: A very elderly man
  1. Toga as befits an elderly man with flat “padre-style” hat
  1. Basic nubby tunic with leggings. (plus additions of Proud Roman, Patrician Roman, Pretty Roman)
  2. Eunuch costume - add long, dark hoods, (times 3) (Pseudolos borrows one in “the chase”)
  3. Sailor collar and beret (times 3)
  4. Soldier drape and helmet (times 3)
  5. Pseudolus as Prologus: Large robe/drape with stenciled border