Guys and Dolls

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Time: Somtime in the 1940's
Place Broadway, New York; Havana, Cuba

Sarah Brown: A Salvation Army lassie:
  1. Salvation army uniform: Black tailored jacket with red insignia, A-line skirt, bonnet, cape. White blouse with a few feminine ruffles at the neck.
Sky Masterson: A handsome gambler:
  1. Pinstripe suit, shirt, tie, slouch hat, plus a dainty frilly apron.
  2. A Salvation Army uniform: Black tailored jacket with red insignia, black pants, black visored hat
Miss Adelaide: Singer at the Hot Box Club:
  1. A street dress or suit. Cute but a little tacky. She has no taste.
  2. Farmerette outfit: Gingham mini dress with matching briefs and head scarf. Deep squared neck with bib effect.
  3. Body suit with matching breakaway skirt, large, "mink" stole, small mink hat, black mesh tights.
  4. Wedding gown and veil. Long petti, if necessary.
Nathan Detroit: Adelaid's fiancée, a gambler:
  1. A pinstriped suit, shirt, blue tie, slouch hat.
  2. Overalls, checkered shirt, straw farmer hat.
  3. Charcoal tail coat, striped pants, gray vest, white shirt, striped tie, top hat, red turtleneck sweater
Tin Horn Gamblers:

(Includes Benny Southstreet, Nicely-Nicely Johnson, Rusty Charlie, Liver Lips Louis, Harry the Horse, Society Max, Angie the Ox, Joey Biltmore, Big Jule, Pickpocket and other chorus gamblers)

(Each) Pinstripe suit, shirt, tie, fedora

Salvation Army People:

(Includes Arvide Abernathy, Calvin, General Mathilda B. Cartwright, Agatha, Marth and other extras)

(Each) Same as Sarah's without cap or blouse, of same as Sky's #2

M.C. at the Hot Box:
  1. Formal jacket, pants, shirt, tie, vest or cummerbund
Hot Box Girls: (Mimi, Allison, Ferguson, Vernon)
  1. A street dress or suit. They have no taste either. (Each)
  2. Farmerette outfit. (Plus dressing gown for Mimi only) Each
  3. Same as Adelaide's #3 costume (Each)
Cuban Dancers:

(Each) Bright ruffled sleeve bolero tops, knee-length pants with ruffle at bottom for the men, ruffled Carmen Miranda style skirts for the women.

Lt. Brannigan: A N.Y. Policeman

Navy policeman's jacket, pants, hat, Sam Brown style belt (The belt is a real police utility belt, but does not come with badge, revolver, holster, nightstick)

  1. Waiter (Specify Havana or Hot Box)
  2. Crowd at the Hot Box
  3. Heavyweight prizefighter out jogging
  4. His Manager, following
  5. Sightseeing Texan
  6. His wife
  7. Sightseers, various
  8. Guide
  9. Bobbie soxers
  10. Actors, recognized on the street
  11. Street walkers (as in flowers of the evening)
  12. Paper Doll Vendor
  13. His Assistant
  14. Blind Man