Once Upon A Mattress

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Once Upon A Mattress Plot

(In The castle of Queen Aggravain and King Sextimus, once upon a time.)

WINNEFRED: (A Princess of the Swamplands)
  1. Raspberry colored dress of dubious taste. (This dress can be soaked and will breakaway in three large sections)
  2. A nice dress, full in back with deep, full sleeves plus a modest undergarment of a slip type. (Undergarment is not true period)
  3. A “high fashion” overdress and underdress (surcoat, cotehardie) for the ball – definitely swamplands taste. Plus a little crown.
  4. A cutesy nightgown and nightcap with matching pantalets (Not true period)
PRINCE DAUNTLESS: (Handsome, but a sissified mouse)
  1. Short tunic, tights - looking very sissified
  2. A change of the above tunic
  3. An elegant change of short tunic and tights, plus crown
QUEEN AGGRAVAIN: (A pouncing hawk of a woman)
  1. An elaborate dress and headdress plus petticoat. Overdone, imposing and in the coat-of-arms style
  2. A change of the above gown and headdress
  3. Elaborate and imposing gown plus crown and train cape for the ball
KING SEXTIMUS: (Sweet but mute)
  1. Gown, robe, tights and crown. A slightly silly effect, though very royal
  2. A change of the above gown and robe
  3. A very rich gown, robe and train cape for the ball

A certain amount of effort will be made to color coordinate the king and queen.

LADY LARKIN: (A Maid in Waiting)
  1. A very lovely dress and headdress, petticoat (Dress should have a ribbon tie which detaches easily for a favor) Short tunic, tights, large-brimmed hat, short cape (Disguised as a young man)
  2. A change of the first costume (no ribbon necessary)
SIR HARRY: (Larkin’s Lover)
  1. Short tunic, tights. A reasonably dashing outfit
  2. Short tunic, tights, hat, long cape (Serviceable - he has been traveling)
  3. A very dressy short tunic and tights for the ball

Short tunic, tights, cap, cape. Suitable for a traveling man of modest circumstances.


Wizard’s robe and hat, tights. (Not quite realistic - a bit more toward the get up of a stereotyped sorcerer)


Short tunic, tights, hat. Parti-colored with bells. The usual


A very pretty dress, petticoat, small crown


Body suit with wings covered in colorful fabric feathers, headpiece which has a beak at forehead level and colored fabric feathers which engulf the head and neck, but leave the face bare, tights. (Blues - Greens in color)

  1. (Includes Rowana, Merrill, Lucille, H. Studley, Harold, Beatrice, Luce, Sally and Mabelle)
  2. Court ladies (each) attractive dresses, petticoats, headdresses
  3. Court Gentlemen (each) Short or long tunics, tights
  4. Female Servants: (each) Simple dresses (Cotehardie) with petticoats, aprons, head scarves
  5. Male Servants: (each) Belted simple short tunics, tights.