Shrek The Musical


SHREK THE MUSICAL – costume plot

IMPORTANT!  PLEASE NOTE:  The attached costume plot is a “suggested” design interpretation of your production and may differ greatly from the Costume World stock.  To guarantee a costume selection that is in closest possible accordance with your specifications, our Designer/Costumer will advise you of the costume options currently available.

Happy People- assorted quasi-medieval style costumes with headpieces/Option: assorted storybook characters

Peter Pan- green and brown tunic, belt, hat, leggings, and tights

Elf-green jacket/tunic, white shirt, tights, belt, hat, and shoes

Bishop-white long robe, red and gold cassock with mitre

3 Blind Mice-blonde wigs with attached grey mice ears, silver/grey brocade dresses w/tails, silver eyelash long coats with breakaway bottoms-long gloves

Humpty Dumpty-white hood with attached sailor hat, white/blue/navy padded egg shaped body, white pants, hands, shoes

Ugly Duckling-cap with feathers, black/white/blue fur pants, multi stripe fur top, jacket, tights, bird feet

Witch-gown with plum velvet skirt and black lace bodice, petticoat, hat

4 Tap Rats-black top hats with gray rat ears attached, grey striped tail coats and matching trousers, silver sequin vests, bowties, gloves, and shirts

4 pair of tap rat shoes

Mad Hatter-oversize top hat, brown multi stripe coat with orange trim, shirt, vest, brown pants, tie

Pied Piper- gold tunic with burgundy and gold printed cape, belt, hat, tights

White Rabbit- hood with ears, white fur body with tail, vest, blue coat, tummy padding, mitts, large bunny feet

Wolf-pink floral print nightgown, bloomers, fur leggings, gloves, shirt with fur

Wolf-red skirt, red bodice, brown fur hood, tail, bloomers

Fairy Godmother-sequin and chiffon gown with full skirt, gloves, crown

Grumpy-red/black plaid vest, black shirt, brown knickers, tights, belt, hat, shoe buckles

3 Pigs- pink velvet with black trim jackets, pink velvet with black trim padded bodies with tails, tailcoats spats, hats

Papa Shrek-brown vest with striped trim, brown pants, beige shirt. Wig with horns 

Mama Shrek-green cape with burgundy trim, burgundy print skirt with green trim, yellow bodice with green trim. Wig with horns

Baby Shrek-brown vest, rope belt, beige shirt, brown pants, hood with horns

Shrek-brown vest, brown pants, beige shirt, belt, hood with horns (padding available)

Shrek helmet

Tweedle Dee and Dum- each:  blue striped top with attached padded white pants- propeller beanie

Ugly Duckling-fur pants, jacket, multi stripe fur top, tights, shoes, cap with feathers

Sugar Plum Fairy-pink/lavender mesh dress, crinoline, wings, headpiece

Queen Lillian-red and gold and black gown, crown

King Phillip=- burgundy velvet cape, burgundy tunic, belt, shoe buckles, tights, crown

Knights-(4) each: gray and brown tunic, gray pants, tabard, hood, gauntlet gloves, helmets, greaves

Baby Bear-brown shirt, green pants with fur legs, vest, cap

Mama Bear-dress, apron, jacket, bloomers, fur leggings, hat, gloves

Papa Bear-jacket with fur, brown pants, hat, gloves

Guards (12)- each: gray quilted top, silver pants, gloves, tabard, helmet, greaves (1 cape for Captain)

Theolonius-black and copper top and pants, hood, gloves, tabard

Pinocchio-yellow vest, cream shirt, lederhosen (all wood grain painted), unitard, hat, red shoes

Dulocs (6m)- each: yellow hard wig, unitard, knee pads, gloves, shorts with suspenders

Dulocs (6f)- each: yellow hard wig, skirt with apron and crinoline, unitard, knee pads, gloves

Duloc Greeter- same as male Duloc but with over the head very large head

Donkey- fur hood with ears, fur body with tail, hooves

Lord Farquad-blue tunic with gold trim with attached fake legs with boots, red cape, red hat, black pants with knee pads

Lord Farquad wedding-cream and gold brocade outfit similar style as 1st outfit with fake legs with boots

Young Fiona-green and gold print 2 pc. Gown and tiara

Teen Fiona- same style as Young Fiona

Fiona-same style as Young Fiona. Red wig with horns

Fiona Wedding-2pc white and gold gown and veil

Fiona double for wedding- same as above

Fiona-removable long skirt worn over short tap skirt

Dragon person-usually in pink: kimono with obi sash

Gingy person-tutu and bodice, headpiece, tights

Gnome-red stocking cap, blue tunic, belt, black knickers, boottops

Additional wigs/prosthetics/make up available for purchase