Something Rotten


Shakespeare/Tobv Belch

Act One

Scene 1: Shakespeare Costume (leather rock and roll look pants must have codpiece)

Scene 9: Repeat Scene 10: Repeat

Scene 11: repeat

Act Two

Scene 1: Repeat

Scene 2: Toby Belch costume. (built to be put on onstage, with padding)

Scene 4: repeat Toby costume

Scene 5: repeat

Scene 6: Toby as King (play within play) Very ornate (removes costume onstage)

Nick Bottom

Act One

Scene 1-10 costume (pant with cod piece, shirt, doublet)

Scene 11 — change coat to NICE and hat with feather

Act Two

Scene 2 —5: Repeat Act One

Scene 6: Change doublet, must have ruff (play within play)

Scene 7-8: Repeat Act One Scene 11

Nigel Bottom

Act One

Scene 1-11: Renasaince costume (pant with cod piece, shirt, doublet)

Act Two

Scene 1-5: repeat

Scene 6: Guard over dress/ play within play)

Scene 7-8: repeat act One

Nostradamus Canter O’Connor

Act One

Scene 5: Pant with codpiece, shirt, doublet, hat (over lay for eye patch man)

Scene 11: repeat

Act Two

Scene 6: Nice doublet/ hat/phantom half mask/cape) (play within play)

Scene 7: No phantom cape

Bea/Male disquise/Elderly lawyer

Act One

Scene 1: Ensemble female with side bussel

Scene 4: Blouse, skirt, vest or corset, apron

Scene 5: Ensemble female bustle cage pannier(must have skirt that rips away to reveal show girl bottom)

Scene 8, 9: Bea dressed as man

Scene 11: Bea (nice costume)

Act Two

Scene 3: Ensemble female Puritan with color change cape

Scene 5: Bea costume

Scene 6: Ensemble with Egg

Scene 7: Attorney (should look like Merchant of Venice)

Scene 8: Nice Bea costume

Brother Jeremiah

One Puritan Costume with hat


Act One

Scene 1: Puritan Woman

Scene 6: Puritan Woman

Scene 8: Puritan Woman with cloak and hood

Scene 9: Repeat

Scene 10: repeat

Scene 11: Ensemble Woman with Hat

Act Two

Scene 3: Puritan Woman with Cloak and hood

Scene 6: Female ensemble (egg)

Scene 7: Puritan

Scene 8: repeat with shawl

American dress


Minstrel/Bard Boy/Troupe/P

Act One

Scene 1: Minstrel Costume w/cod piece and Hat w/feather

Scene 2: remove coat and hat (troupe of actors)

Scene 5: Ensemble “A Musical”

Scene 7: repeat (troupe of actors)

Scene 9: Bard Boy (leather pants, Shakespeare shirt, leather cod piece)

Scene 10: repeat

Scene 11: Ensemble with doublet